Cum Omlettes: A Tasty New Way To Get Your Protein

Cum Omlettes: A Tasty New Way To Get Your ProteinAfter the ten thousandth time you've swallowed someone's freshly shot load, the taste of cum can start to seem a little, well, boring. Day after day, blowjob after blowjob, the same thing over and over — it's only natural that one would want to get a little experimental and spice things up. Sure, you can always turn to the basic staples of cum condiments, mixing a little chocolate syrup or ice cream into your bedroom activities, but why not try something really different? Why not make a cum omlette (or, if you want to be all correct in your spelling, an omelette)? Sure, the logistics of collecting enough cum to fill a frying pan and actually cooking the omlette might be a little more work than you're used to — but when you're sitting down to a delicious breakfast of a fresh cum omlette, all that work will be worth it. Want to make a meal of it? Pair your cum omlette with an ass smoothie for a nutritionally balanced breakfast your mom would be proud of.

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