RubMyClit: The iPhone Finds Its True Purpose

Ever since the iPhone was born, pornographers have tried to pitch their wares to the mobile pervert and capitalize on the buzz of this year's must-have gadget. But so far, no one's really taken advantage of the device's super slick touch screen to put you in the action. Well, some enterprising do-gooder has finally figured out how to make iPorn work (sorta) with this little interactive clitoris s(t)imulator game. Since most of you aren't cool enough to have your own (hey, we had to borrow one just to do this post) we figured a demonstration was in order. What to know what $600 $400 worth of Steve Jobs' mind grapes gets you? One satisfied cartoon ... and a lot of smudgy fingerprints.

· rubMyClit (

· Video (and phone) supplied by Nick McGlynn

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