Sex Blog Roundup: Holding Back

Wait for it! This week's roundup of some of the hottest sexblog writing concentrates on those capable of waiting for their pleasure. Keep your pants on but click below for more salaciousness with AlwaysArousedGirl.

Good things come to those who wait, and sometimes good cums come to those who wait. The bloggers in this week's round up wait far more patiently than we ever could. Why we're getting off (via USB-powered mini-vibe, natch) even as we type. We just don't see any point in holding back, but there must be some benefit, right?

Read on for more ultra-patient sex0rs and see why they wait.


the waiting game

i miss the sting of his hand on my ass. i miss the pull of my hair as he stuffs my mouth full with his hard cock. i miss that moment before his cock goes into my ass when i fear the pain that immediately turns into pure pleasure.



Erotica - Sharing Mina

Those veiled moments at the bar, in a dark corner, her hand acting as a visor over her eyes, the distance between Mina and Her slowly shrinking, their alochol-perfumed breath mingling, the magnetism drawing them together

Mina's clothes falling away, and Hers as well, the wonder in Mina's eyes as she begins to touch Her, her hands enjoying the freedom of someone who craves her touch as well, getting to explore that body.

At Longing's End


Fucking a Rich Guy

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum" I said.

"Yeah" he said in his deep voice, "cum in my mouth."

The orgasm was already taking hold and my muscles were barely under my control. I tried to move my crotch up so he could suck my dick, but the rush of pleasure overtook me.

Allen sat up and grabbed my dick right as the cum started shooting out.

Collegehookerboy's Hot and Disturbing Weblog



"Make sure he doesn't swallow your come, darling. I want a taste." Grinning broadly, my husband asked the male if he understood. He nodded before opening his mouth and licking the tip of the cock before him.

It wasn't long before my husband was gripping the other male's head and moaning loudly into the incense-thick air of our little love-den. My husband is so beautiful when he comes, so masculine.

Under the Crimson Moon


A dream and waking desires

To make your body crave to be touched, whispering silent prayers for the stroke or slap of my hand. To make your clit hurt with want; a pounding constant ache. To compel your cunt to drip blatant lust until it dribbles uncontrollably down inner thighs and legs. To make you beg shamelessly for my cock in your desperation to be fucked and then cry out frantic pleas for my permission to come.

Packing Vocals


The Table

Producing a long, thick, rigid dildo, I continued "I am going to fuck you with this, slave. You are to take it without making a sound. And you are to cum on my command. Do you understand?"

Nimue nodded "yes."

"If you fail . . ." The paddle flashed down again, marking her other cheek. Nimue sucked in a deep breath.

"Then we will begin."

la petite mort


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