Sex Blog Roundup: Kink That Makes You Think

Sometimes, the best things kinky come with a healthy dose of thinky. Join Madeline for this week's roundup of some of the hottest sex on the web.

Ok, we admit it, we're shallow and get really turned on by photos and videos of busty, lusty girls and ruggedly handsome fellas damning the torpedoes and banging like it's the armageddon show. But when hotties can write and have brains they're not afraid to use, well, that just steams up the lenses on our hornrims. Smart is sexy, baby, and sexy is back. So pound those erasers, pull up a desk and settle in, because this week, the smarties are taking over.

. . .

The Loving Room

- We started off by making out in the wine cellar, surrounded by hundreds of bottles of pretentiousness. - Then we moved to the downstairs kitchen, where he laid me on the black granite counter, lifted my skirt and ate me until I came TWICE. He took a pic of that beaver shot, and since he had just shaved me the night before and my thighs were so white and my pussy so pink, it looked like bacon. - The burgundy library with fireplace was a promising setting, except the shelves were stocked with DVDs instead of books, which was a total turnoff.

-The Beautiful Kind


Humiliation Nation

The other night, He knelt behind me to watch his come drip out of me. He had just finished taking me roughly from behind and I was shaky on my hands and knees. Once He saw what he wanted - the physical evidence of his ownership - he let me collapse on the bed. After a few minutes, after I caught my breath, I asked to get up to go to the bathroom to clean up.

"Is there more?," He asked.

-his kitten



Everything he says is like a secret voice speaking out of my bones.

Later he bites the inside of my thigh. He says he wants to mark me, he wants me to feel him on my skin later when we're not together. I tell him I want to look down at my body and see where his hands have been on me.

But of course, I already feel him everywhere anyway.

-eros, logos


Submissive Hubby (Me)

I watched the video go on, lots of talking about how I couldn't satisfy her. Then the scene cut and she had a cock in her mouth and more surprisingly for me one in her arse. Anal was a no-go area for me, I couldn't believe that this hung fucker was getting anal off my wife when I couldn't get it, my wife stopped sucking face the camera and said that's right hunny, men like Darren can get anal off me, but tiny wimp dicks like you are never going to get it. It was then to my horror that I noticed the camera was shaking, fuck, someone else is in the room.

-Cuckold Blog


Wonderfuked [wuhn-der-fuhkt]

With my mouth still on his, I unwound his scarf, unzipped and tossed aside his jacket, then left him alone long enough to remove his own boots while my own jacket and winter-weather accoutrements were shed into a scattered heap with his. Then, after deftly pulling his sweater over his head, I flung myself backwards onto the couch, pulling him on top of me. He leaned back long enough to drag my jeans down over my hips, while I removed my own blouse, leaving me only the cover of my red bra and panties. The bra didn't go for hours. He likes bras. He likes fucking me while I wear mine. Nice.



Coming Home

My hips arched as his mouth licked my swollen lips in a broad stroke. His teeth came next...pulling open my wet fleshy fold at a time. I wanted to feel his tongue on my clit. I needed to feel the sucking kisses. Instead he had other ideas. Without much pretext his finger pushed inside me and my pussy clenched hard. His tongue began a quick slide to my ass. So...dirty.

-The Naughty One


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