Sex Blog Roundup: The Girls Of Summer

Lovely ladies' late-season lasciviousness leads off today's roundup of some of our favorite moments from the sex blog scene, and we are left absolutely enchanted by their antics (if a little sweaty). Even in these pre-Labor Day dog days, who wouldn't love to be seduced by a fetching domme with a whip and a buttplug? Or watch a minxy vixen riding a fucking machine? We'd love to spy quietly from the corner at an early-morning romp or a late-night display of wet-cunt teasing, especially if said corner was air conditioned. And later, if we're hungry? We'll take one cake-girl with lickable frosting, please. To go.

Watch 'em soak up the sun (and other things) with AlwaysArousedGirl after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup by AlwaysArousedGirl

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Fucking Him, Fucking Me

I pushed the plug against his pouting ring and he began to open up for me. Boy, was he ready for penetration the plug slipped in with ease and I took a firm hold of his balls and gently tugged downwards on them. His cock was swaying beneath him, semi erect and starting to drip pre cum on to the sheet below.


- - -

Pool Party

MasterDoc decided to put me on the sybian. I set it up and got on. He controlled the vibration and I ground my clit into the machine. He got me really hot and when I asked to be allowed to come he made me ask again, louder and louder until people could hear me. He teased me for a bit and I begged for orgasm. Finally he let me and I screamed, moaned, my vagina clenching the dildo of the sybian.

- Diary of a Kinky Librarian

- - -


Sex at any time is delicious, but particularly so when lovers are just waking up. Their minds are free from everyday concerns, their bodies are relaxed, their organs poised to perform. Nimue's cunt, secreting volumes of lubricant, swallowed my cock whole, gave it back to me, and swallowed it again in a steady and timeless rhythm.

- la petite mort

- - -

Fantasy #4- Let them eat cake.

After everyone has a piece, they leave their seats and whisper, "Peach, blueberry, kiwi."

Each person's palate detected a different flavor from the girl on the table, who is now alone with Reagan. They watch as he carefully moves between her legs. Sliding his fingers inside of her, he parts the layers to her center. Bending forward, he disappears between her thighs. His tongue slides up and down her pussy, finding the real treat. Her hands grasp his head as he sucks the filling out of her. The guests wait patiently as he takes his time eating her out. When he finally stands, his cheeks and lips are red and swollen.

- Where are you going, where have you been?

- - -

In Focus

I turn slightly in my chair, shifting toward you and remove shirt, draping it to the arm rest. Your view is no longer impaired. I am slick, wet and swollen with my own arousal. This is what I wanted you home for this afternoon. My fingers slide between my pussy lips, opening them and glossing them in dewy moisture. Each stroke brings me one degree closer to throbbing climax. I stroke and circle my clit, dipping into my honeyed center.

- The Sensualist's Soul Desire

- - -

Floating World #7-Getting Topped by Sexyhusband

It was around this point that I felt the slow descent into submissive space (aka "sub space") began to speed up. For those who have never felt it, it's basically a rush of endorphins, not unlike what you might feel on a roller coaster (should you be an enthusiast) or what you feel post orgasm except it keeps going on and on. The pain begins to not just be pleasurable, but the source of pleasure that radiates to your nipples and to your clit (or cock, depending on your plumbing). You begin to be able to take harder more consistent pain, and stop caring about (or even begin to welcome) the possible consequences...

- Deliciously Naughty

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