Madison Young Is No Blushing "Bride Of Sin"

Madison Young Is No Blushing "Bride Of Sin"Madison Young's about to get married to Selina Raven, and she couldn't be happier. But there's just one little problem: she's having a little bit of trouble with that whole monogamy thing, especially when Ariel X is in the picture (a dilemma we can definitely understand). Lucky for us, Madison's little indiscretions are pretty darn hot to watch: during a wild bachelorette party lap dance and a church pew make out session after the rehearsal dinner, Madison and Ariel leave no stone unturned, with foot worship, rope bondage, strap on sex, and anal play all on the menu.

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Of course, Madison is still getting married (she is, after all, the bride of sin) — and what wedding would be complete without a little pre-nuptial nookie? Thankfully for Madison, it seems she's chosen her bride-to-be well: Selina is no slouch when it comes to sex, reminding Madison who wears the pants with some intense strap-on fucking, spanking, rope bondage, and a little toilet dunking for good measure.

"Bride of Sin" concludes with a trip to the confessional: before she can get married, Madison must seek forgiveness for her sins, after all. Somehow, Madison's church isn't like any we've ever been to. Rather than doling out a few "Our Fathers" and "Hail Marys," Madison's priest (played by the luscious Claire Adams) instructs her to take part in a multi-step cleansing process involving, among other things, shaving, whipping, suspension, and face fucking.

Our admiration for the lovely Madison Young is no secret—and thankfully, "Bride of Sin" doesn't disappoint. Whether she's sucking, fucking, or getting bound to a giant cross, she's a sheer joy to watch. Need some extra convincing? Take a peek at the action from Madison's bachelorette party:

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