Nerdcore Calendar 2008: Sexy (And Naked) Heroes And Villains

Nerdcore Calendar 2008: Sexy (And Naked) Heroes And Villains

One of our favorite calendars from last year's onslaught of month-by-month sexiness is back and taking the geeky greatness to even loftier heights. Not only does photographer Cherie Roberts' latest Nerdcore Calendar highlight important 2008 dates like the release of Iron Man, the Comic-Con convention, and Jean Luc-Picard's birthday, it features 12 highly stylized photos of hot chicks performing superhuman feats of wonder and daring. In the nude, of course. Because anyone can save the day in a pair of tights, but let's see Superman leap a tall building without a stitch of spandex on. Check out our special preview gallery and you'll believe that babes can fly.

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