Sex Blog Roundup: Spring Into Action

The new season has officially arrived and our favorite sex-bloggers are feeling the urge to rut. Read on with AlwaysArousedGirl right after the jump.

Spring's been ushered in and with it have arrived the usual horny thoughts. Some of the best sexy writing on the web this week features cocks rising like tree sap and cunts blossoming like daffodils. What to do with all that energy? Have an orgy. Enjoy a smoke-job. Fuck your boyfriend's ass. Or even head outside for a self-administered bondage session. It's Spring! Anything is possible!


Let me entertain you

...there was a question of when things would get going.

"Well, now, I suppose."

Lights were dimmed, clothes came off and the party games began (which makes me think we should have had a piñata). One minute people are eating hummus and chips the next thing you know people are being fingered on the couch, making out in the kitchen, fucking on my floor and flogging people in front of my full-length mirror.

Fuck: A Love Story


The Marlboro Man

So instead of grabbing his cock, I started tugging on his balls while blowing the smoke directly at him. Now he was really getting into it. After a minute of ball play and smoke he says "Pinch my nipples with your other hand... Ohhhhhhhh... that's it..."

Now picture this - right hand pinching his nipple, left hand rubbing his cock, and my lips blowing smoke into his face. Am I good or what?

Happyendingz - confessions of an erotic masseuse —-—-

I kissed a girl, and I liked it...

Reading my mind, or perhaps my tensed body...


She said.

Sidling up to me, she used the thrust of her pelvis on the forward stroke, clearly "fucking" me.

"Isn't 'fucking' someone great?" I gasped out between tensing.

Full Contact Monogamy


Kyle Gets What's Coming

Roxy to Kyle: *Pulling away, still holding your hair tightly in my fist* You feeling good, lover?

Kyle to Roxy: *loving your mouth.. trying to hold back the building orgasm

Kyle to Roxy: mmm yesss baby.. you make me feel so good

Uncommon Curiosity


Single Tail

Something different now, something that cracks through the air like a missile. It licks across my ass, sharp at first, then warm and caressing as it trails. It feels like it leaves fire in its wake, and I start to laugh because the endorphins are hitting me that way. In my minds eye, I see it biting into my skin, splitting me open then unzipping me in its wake like it is a serrated knife.

The Red Sneaker Diaries


Tied Naked In a Field Of Grass

I used the twine on the bale as a bondage point and had tied one wrist to one side and my ankles spread wide on either side of the bale as I was sprawled on top.

I started having what was one of my usual orgasms but it slowly started to feel different…stronger. I assumed it was because of the bondage but when I finally did achieve orgasm it came over me like a wave. It felt like gallons were coming out of my body. I was frozen with shock as I realized that.. biologically …I was now a man.

Unspeakable Axe


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