Evan Stone Talks To XFANZ About His Super Bowl Appearance

In all the talk of penises interrupting the Super Bowl, everyone seems to have lost sight of the important thing: it wasn't just any penis, it was Evan Stone's penis.

We harbor a deepseated crush on Mr. Stone, both for his fabulous physique and his hysterical sense of humor, so it seems only fitting that he should be the pornstar who interrupted the Super Bowl. But how does Evan feel about this honor? XFANZ tracked him down to find out:

Stone learned the news from XFANZ, and after getting over his disbelief, he burst into laughter.

"That's incredible," he said, adding that he thought he had reached the peak of his media saturation when his face appeared on an episode of South Park.

Oh no, Evan. Your media saturation has only just begun.

· Evan Stone, His Penis, Interrupt Super Bowl (xfanz.com)

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