Sex Blog Roundup: Age Is Just A Number

Their hair styles aren't the only thing we appreciate about some of the hot moms in our lives, you know: in fact, some of the hottest things we read in our perambulations around the sex blog scene every week are written by sexy people in their 30s, 40s and 50s. And it's not just hot moms who are letting loose with all their stories about learning new fucking techniques in summer camp and keeping the marital bed bumping every night--there are plenty of DILFs who get in on the action too. All of which goes to prove that not only does experience count when it comes to sex; it counts for a lot. And it also happens to be really, really hot.

Join resident over-30 hottie Madeline for a peek into the grownups' room after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup by Madeline Glass

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Fucking Forty

I can get fucked whenever the mood strikes. Because of the social network I have built, thanks to the internet, all I would have to do is send an email, an IM or a text and I would be fucking within the hour.

- Sexie Sadie's Stories of Seduction

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Back on Track, Or, How to Make Good Use of Your Free Time

I slapped her ass as her tits wiggled around. I was leaving hand prints on her sexy ass cheeks as I drove my cock deep on every stroke. TW was coming continuously as I worked her cunt from behind.

As I fucked her hard, I reached up and grabbed that ever present (and very handy) pony tail. I tugged back on her head and whispered sweet, dirty nothings into her ear. Of course, your definition of whisper and mine might be completely different. I'm sure the neighbors heard me call TW a dirty, slutty, hot whore. That sent TW off again and I felt her pussy gush around my cock again.

- Over Forty Married Sex

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Sex Summer Camp '08

They would spread their legs and then I'd penetrate, with my gloved fingers, after - of course - caressing them. I was finding the g-spot, and I always did. Once I got them going, they were nice and juicy, Martin would take over. He's got a way with his fingers. He just makes them squirt. I can't explain it, he just takes two fingers, slides them in, and it happens. I love to watch Martin make them moan and squirt and cum all over everything. I'm so proud of my boyfriend, and my pussy slicks up as I watch. God! It's beautiful.

- Sex and the City - The Real Version

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A Man Becomes a Fucking Machine

The two of them first wrapped my arms and my legs and then they took turns: one wrapping my torso and the other holding me steady so that I would not lose my balance. They wrapped me all the way down to my feet and then wrapped my head leaving only space for my nose and mouth. Then they lowered me onto the bed. That was the scariest part. I am a big guy and I was worried that they would drop me! But they managed to gently position me. And then they put my favorite gag in my mouth. It's a dildo gag - one side has a little cock tip that goes in my mouth and the other is a big long cock. They strapped it in and made sure I could breathe.

- Lolita Wolf's Predictions & Predilections

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Kissing Chronicles - After the Drought

I don't remember how far we went that first night. I vaguely remember going to the bed, awkward conversation as I pulled her shirt off. I remember the hotness of seeing her in her bra for the first time. To this day I'm still fixated on her breasts. They are really spectacular. I also remember finding out that girls who kiss well often do other things with their mouth well.

More than anything I remember kissing longer than I had ever kissed before, like I'd found some new trick my body could do and I intended on taking advantage of it. We spent two weeks straight kissing. Every imaginable kind of this, hard to soft, violent to vulnerable. From the first kiss to the kiss goodbye.

- WritingDirty

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Almond and Frankincense

When I began to peel the panties down, I swallowed hard as my breath began to quicken. Raising and lowering the tight, sheer material, I teased us both. Tugging her panties up high, I tightened the crotch against her shaven mound. Lowering them and putting them back to place, I gave myself a visual feast as I revealed and hid and revealed her beautiful ass to me.

When I finally lowered them, revealing her pert behind to my hungry view, my cock felt thick and pulsing hard against the edge of the bed. I pressed my face close to her skin, nibbling and biting her cheek just at the edge of her upper thigh, and felt myself relax placidly as her ass was against my face. There's a calm, a peace, that I find when I'm so intimately close to my partner, and there's a moment when the rest of the world just stops as I indulge in the sensuality of it.

- Urban Roguery

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