Sex Blog Roundup: Two Great Tastes

Sex Blog Roundup: Two Great TastesWhen it comes to ice cream, do you prefer vanilla or chocolate? Pistachio or butter pecan? Double ripple fudge chunk or cherries and cream with ... ok, you get the idea. Some decisions in life are just so tough to make that we often prefer not to make them. So whenever we can, we choose all of the above. (Isn't that's why they invented the double dip?) In fact, there were so many tempting flavors on the menu this week in the sex blog scene (way more than 31, as a matter of fact) that we couldn't narrow it down to only one, which is why we're serving up two great tastes that taste great together: kissing and ass fucking. (As far as actually kissing ass, though ... well, you'll have to wait for another visit to the ice cream parlor for that.) Enjoy your sweet treats for the day (with extra sprinkles and a cherry on top!) with Madeline after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup
by Madeline Glass

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A Mid-Day Stroll
He stops in the middle of a jogging path underneath the bridge and turns me to face him, grabbing me by the shoulders to manipulate my body position. He kisses me, my arms pressed to the sides, on tiptoe and looking up. That wanton fire of arousal trickles from my lips like molten lava; sliding down my throat to my belly and my loins.
- The Seduction of Infidelity - - - Je t'Adore
We ended up kissing passionately, me lying on top of her, and my fingers... doing naughty things... at the same time. I was hard, she was wet, and before long, the inevitable conclusion happened - I carefully teased her clit with the tip of my penis, and then slid into her, settling down inside, feeling her warm, moist walls around me. Beautiful.
- Innocent Loverboy . . . Kissing Gravity
We kiss. It is a good kiss. We kiss for an hour. It doesn't get too hot, we don't become sticky as the room heats and the sun gleams through the shade. Our skin stays dry and we alternately lock together and slip apart and lock again. He lays on his side and I tuck my feet around his ankles, my leg around his ass, my arm around his shoulder and our fingers interlaced. He turns and presses his belly and lips into mine, and for a moment he is like a baby monkey clinging to my body. Then I pull him up on top of me and bring his face in close. I find and lose track of the time again. We kiss like the weekend lasts forever and the afternoon hasn't come. We kiss as though the sun is frozen.
- A Place to Draw Blood Laughing - - - When I was a Boy
So, this is me. And then I met a Boy who liked to be fucked. And here is where it gets interesting: I love fucking boy, I love strapping on a cock, but wearing a cock while I fuck him makes me feel... well, androgynous, yes. But very much on the Female side of androgyny. I am a woman with a cock, powerful and lovely. I love that feeling.
- The Daring Adventures of Switch and Boy - - - Needs. I Has Them
He grabbed the braid, making my back arch, as he thrust into me. In that position he was going almost too deep, mixing a little pain into my pleasure. I was enjoying it for awhile and really getting into it, and I really wanted him to come inside me. So I asked him if he wanted to fuck me in the ass, to which he could only moan in pleasure.
- An Unassuming Girl - - - A Late Night Quickie Outdoors
He pulled my panties to the side and and didn't waste anymore time before he penetrated me with his hard cock. He went slow at first as we kissed. However, it wasn't long before I was begging him to fuck me faster. Our bodies were a little bit wet from the rain but now we were starting to sweat. He smelled so good too. Two cars drove by back to back but they didn't stop and they didn't make Christian and I want to stop. I was softly moaning now and the only words I could get out were telling him how good he felt inside of me.
- Anal Amy * * * * *

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