Belladonna's "Fetish Fanatic 5": Defend Your Right To Anal Squirting!

2008_04_09_ff2.jpgStores like Adult DVD Empire may have already pulled our gal Belladonna's newly federally indicted "Fetish Fanatic 5" from their online inventory, but as of this afternoon you can still see the trailer for it on Evil Angel's site. Frankly, after watching it two or three or a dozen times we can't see what all the brouhaha is about; after all, things like enemas, squirting, and inserting dildos with one's (or someone else's) feet are hardly rare in porn these days--and as Evil Angel's Karen Stagliano told AVN today, "Maybe you don't always do (these things) in your normal bedroom, but that's kind of the point of porn." Even if the case doesn't lead to a prosecution, the indictment is bound to have a chilling effect on the adult industry, not to mention on our collective rights to free expression in general. After all, if you can't watch Belladonna and her pals stick various brightly colored liquids and foreign objects up each other's asses, the terrorists will so totally have won.

· "Fetish Fanatic 5" (2006) (DVD info + trailers @ · Belladonna Entertainment LLC ( · "FEDERAL GRAND JURY CHARGES TWO COMPANIES AND OWNER JOHN STAGLIANO WITH OBSCENITY VIOLATIONS" (.pdf press release @ · "John Stagliano, Evil Angel Indicted On Federal Obscenity Charges" (AVN) + "John Stagliano, Evil Angel Charged With 7 Obscenity Violations" (Xbiz)

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