Sex Blog Roundup: Be Prepared

Sex Blog Roundup: Be PreparedYou can never really know what may come your way, or fully anticipate what demands may be made of you. Looking over some of our favorite moments in the sex blog scene this week, we find a willingness to go with the flow. Hey, it's cool if the old man proves remarkably virile. Fine by us if the masseuse is an Amazon. Back-alley blowjobs? Public humiliation? Vibrators instead of television? Not a problem! Really, is that all you got?

Take it as it comes with Jefferson after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup

by Jefferson

- - -

Sex With My Father

Father was staying at a charming hotel in the neighborhood. The lobby had a cedar smell like a Gentlemen's Club but without the cigars and martinis.

As I walked the hall to Father's room I noticed a number of "Privacy Please" signs casually hanging from hotel room doors. I wondered what was going on in those rooms. Were there more seventy-two-year olds hiring out that day?

- Mid-Life Whore

- - -

Big Barda

So I told my boss I needed to leave early, and then I drove to the massage parlor. I'd never been to this particular one before. I had a ten-dollar off coupon, but the door fee was still ten dollars more than I expected. I went to the room, and then she came in. She was taller than I expected, a little taller than me, with long brown hair, beautiful eyes, gorgeous dimples. She was dressed in a red silky top and a black miniskirt, not fat or "thick," but curvy and robust. Standing next to her, I felt like Scott Free standing next to Big Barda.

- Nightside Jonny

- - -

Spring Break, Part One

With one hand he pinned me against the wall. His other hand went up my denim miniskirt and slid beneath my my black string thong and into me. I kissed him and he fucked me with my fingers.

I was unzipping his jeans when I asked something different for me. I asked him if he had any condoms. He said no, and he was a little disappointed. I told him that I had seen a gas station around the corner but with a devilish grin I told him he couldn't go there with that hard-on. I got on my knees and finished unzipping his jeans. I pulled out his warm cock from his boxers.

- Anal Amy

- - -


Position yourself against the mattress, so that your naked backside points outward and upward. Grab the bottle of lube from the tray. I want you to squeeze a liberal amount of slick liquid into your palm. With the other palm, i want you to rub your hand in between your throbbing slit, feeling the increasing moistness. Smear this all over your cunt, in between your legs, along your thighs and against your asshole. Take the hand with the lube, and mix this with your pussy juice, preparing the whole area to be used. Shove one finger at a time into your puckering anal passage, filling that chute with as much moisture as possible.

- The Lustful Quality of Watching Her Erotic Demise

- - -

Expose, Exhibit

As per his instructions, I was wearing a severe black corset, a tiny black g-string and very high stilettos. When we entered, he had me remove my coat and stand before him as he sat and surveyed the room. "Take off your panties," he said. I froze and then my fear thawed into excitement. I felt a rush to my groin as I noticed people staring at us out of the corner of my eye. I dutifully slid them down my thighs and let them drop to the floor, never taking my gaze off him. "Put your thumb in your ass and a finger in your pussy." This was humbling and physically very awkward. My ass was dry and I struggled to actually stick my thumb inside it. I wiggled it as best I could and bowed my head. He then led me by the hair, as I hunched over, trying to walk and keep my fingers in place at the same time. He was diminishing me.

- Beautiful and Depraved

- - -

A Change is as Good as a Rest!

He was pretending to be asleep, but the television was on. I knew he was awake, and when I pulled back the covers on my side of the bed I found out why. He had bought me a new toy, and it was under the blankets, waiting for me.

My little darling Hubby got me a new purple vibrator as an Easter present, not that he needs an excuse to buy me a vibrator. He said the Easter Bunny left it . . . ha.

So, what's a girl with a new vibrator supposed to do? I took off my nightie, laid back on the bed and said, "Go ahead, try it out."

"Uh-huh" he said, "I wanna watch you with it."

- Mandy's Erotic Life

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