Sex Blog Roundup: Asking For It

2008_03_18_sbr_asking.jpgThe meek might inherit the earth one of these days, but being meek where sex is concerned will get you nothing but frustration.  The writers in today's roundup of some of our favorite moments from the sex blog scene are exceedingly clear in describing just what they need in the bedroom (and not just in the bedroom): they'll show you and tell you. If neither of those options work, maybe they'll send instructions via text message ... and when partners are really in tune with each other, sometimes they don't need to say anything at all.

Just ask AlwaysArousedGirl (nicely, if you don't mind) after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup by AlwaysArousedGirl

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The Splinter

Her body compelled her forward; it was like being pulled on a string attached to something deep inside her belly. She slid off the chair and onto her knees in front of it, and pressed her mouth against the swirling, dancing skin.

The deepest, longest electrical shock, that's what it felt like against her lips. Her body shuddered at the contact. As if all the pain he'd suffered to make these scars poured down her throat.

Simon groaned. She felt him try and pull away, but she wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to him. Her hands were on her arms, trying to pry himself loose.

"Don't...Moira. Stop. Please."

- Remittance Girl

- - -

The Heavy Bones of His Skull

"I need to do something to you, and there's nothing I can do," I said.

"If you sit up a little bit, you can kiss me into the pillow," he offered.

And I did.  I raised up so that I was over him, and I kissed him, hard, pushing his head down, and I let my arm rest heavily on his chest, pinning him, and sometimes I used my hands to hold the heavy bones of his skull.  And I bit his lip, hard, and then his tongue, harder, while he tried not to scream.  But mostly I just kissed him, trying to pry his jaws open with mine, practically climbing into his mouth.

At some point, still looking down at him, my hand on his cheek, I told him I wanted to slap him.  He didn't want it, but agreed, and I hit him once, really firmly.  It felt crazy good to me.

"Did you like that?" he asked.

- Devastating Yet Inconsequential

- - -

Hannah and the Text Message

Text: How wet? Slide your hand under your skirt. Can you feel it through your panties?

Hannah: No, but if I angle around the little bit of lace and slip my finger inside my pussy I'm wet.

Text: Wet your finger and then rub it on your clit. Rub it hard, make yourself moan at your desk.

Hannah: My panties are wet now. And I'm aching. I need to have your cock inside me, fucking me on my desktop.

- Stick and Giggle

- - -

The Bet

I want more. More of this sweet, sexy torture. I look down from your face to see that the hand in your lap is moving up and down over your panties, and I see your juices beginning to soak through. I'm stroking faster. "Take off your bra," I say, 'I want to see your tits. Please." You pause for a moment considering my request and you quickly oblige, revealing your beautiful breasts and your pink, hard little nipples. How I want to kiss them and suck hard on those nipples while I stroke myself. Your hand falls back into your lap and this time a finger slips into the top of your panties and I see you shudder with pleasure ever so slightly as you touch your clit.
- Guilty Pleasures...

- - -

An Autumn Morning in Pennsylvania

Alix: Wanna play now? lol

Me: Yes. Now. I want you with your jeans and panties around your ankles. Now spread em and bend over this table. I'll be kneeling behind you. Give it to me. Yield.

Alix: God you are hot...

Me: Does that mean you'll enjoy my tongue at your delightful, crinkled anus as my fingers twist in your beautiful cunt? Let me suck you.

Alix: How could I not? I am damp and swollen thinking about it. *sigh* you are far too far away

Me: I enjoy swelling you, making you flush and throb, from this other coast. One day, we'll see each other again, and when we do, I'll expect your cum in my mouth.

- The Urban Rogue

- - -


I need to see you.

My soul needs to see you. My cunt needs to see you. And you need to see me too, I can feel it. You've articulated as much to me in very direct terms "Juno, I want to see you; no, I need to see you," -- but I already knew.

I already knew.

Your claims to telepathic ability ring truer by the day, as i become aware of increased imagery deep inside my head; images i could never have thought of alone... transportive dark images of the forbidden side of life, the areas into which i find myself delving deeper and deeper as time progresses. As the boundaries of my experimentation are stretched further and wider than I'd ever dreamed possible, so my capabilities to understand and appreciate the less tangible and defined aspects of life grow ever greater.

- The Erotic Journal of Juno Henry

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