Kasidie: For Swingers, By Swingers (With Swings Included)

2008_01_07_swing2.jpgAre you a swinger? Or do you just wish you were, but aren't sure if you've got the gumption to fool around with strangers? Then maybe you should check out a new lifestyle magazine that's all about the lifestyle. Kasidie is a new online mag written by swingers for swingers and provides a sexy new outlet for those folks who love to travel, meet new people, and fuck as many of them as possible. They've got advice on resorts, finding the right parties, protecting your identity, and buying sex toys. And if you still don't think you're up for a romp after reading all that advice ... well, they've got plenty of high quality pics of hot people who are. Unlike most swinger resorts, lurking here is just fine. Just remember: you don't need an actual sex swing to be a swinger, but it sure helps.

· Kasidie (kasidie.com)

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