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January 1, 1970 | Posted in gay by

[WATCH: "Love, Lost and Found: Episode Three - Cockyboys]

While Jacen Zhu and Allen King are on a resort in Mexico, the two eye each other and finally have the random hookup of their dreams.

If there are two things that are always in with the gays, it's and taking tropical vacations, and hooking up during your tropical vacation. If there are two things that are in gay porn in 2018, it's shooting porn on-location, and exploring the idea of open relationships and the dynamics that come along when you're allowed to hook up when you're coupled.

Naked Sword shot its most recent film "The Chosen Few" on location in Palm Springs, Titan Men's "New Rules" explored what happens in open relationships, but Cockyboys "Love Lost and Found" explores all of them at the same time.

In Episode One, Allen King Goes Home and Hooks Up With Hot BFs Cory Kane and Taylor Reign:

[WATCH: "Love, Lost and Found: Episode One - Cockyboys]

In Episode Two, Troy Accola gets his chance with Levi Karter:

While boyfriends Jacen Zhu and Troy Accola were checking out the eye candy at the beach, Jacen mentioned he wanted Allen, and Troy mentioned that he wanted Levi. Last week God revealed themselves to be real when he gave us 2 new Max Duro scenes; today they're proving it again.

[WATCH: "Love, Lost and Found: Episode Two - Cockyboys]

And Jacen finally gets his chance with Allen!

Jacen Zhu fucking Allen King


...on a day of multiple crossroads, Sean Ford may finally be waking up to reality about his ex, and yet barely acknowledges François Sagat who is just a few feet away. At the same time, Levi Karter reconnects with Troy Accola for his sage advice on open relationships. Meanwhile their respective boyfriends, Allen King & Jacen Zhu, are putting the pedal to the metal in another hotel room.

Allen & Jacen ravage each other as they passionately make out and instinctively take their roles in this spontaneous hook-up.

Jacen didn't want to start out rough; he wanted to take his time with a little kissing.

Love Lost and Found 3 - Cockyboys

And A LOT of ass-eating. Some would even call it relentless.

He's REALLY in there.

Jacen Zhu rimming Allen King

Then Allen Literally sat on his face.

When you want it, you want it...

Allen King Sitting On Jacen Zhu's Face

Jacen looks like he's having fun.

It's nice to get what you've wanted, isn't it?

Jacen Zhu Allen King Cockyboys

Allen looks like he's having fun too!

Jacen Zhu Fucking Allen King

And then, there was cum. But you'll have to watch the video for that.


Not to mention Cockyboys JUST released Episode 4 a few hours ago, and it stars Francois Sagat. Does anything else really need to be said?


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