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April 6, 2018 | Posted in by fleshbot-galleries

[WATCH: Teenage Dream - Helix Studios]

Max Carter's been crushing on his friend's little brother Danny Nelson. Now he finally gets the chance to fuck him at Helix Studios!

I have a feeling Max is gonna have a good excuse to go visit his friend a lot more...Or Danny will be at Max's house a lot. Either way, I don't think this will be the last time these two fuck!

Danny Nelson blows Max Carter

Danny looks like he likes his big bro's friend...

From Helix Studios:

Dreamy teen, Danny Nelson heads over to his high school bud's pad. Unfortunately, his straight teenage mate has girls on the brain and totally forgot he made plans with his pal. Lucky For Nelson, his buddy's brother Max Carter is home and he definitely does NOT have girls on the brain! As a matter of fact, he's been crushing on little Danny for a while. Nelson isn't quick on the uptake; so, Carter literally spells it out for him by saying the sexiest words a gay teenager can EVER hear, "I want to fuck you!"

Thank gosh Max knows exactly how to take charge, as we've seen countless times before!

Boys Kissing at Helix Studios

Kissing is always one way to take charge.

After taking charge by kissing, Max folds Danny in half and eats his ass out.

Max Carter Rims Danny Nelson

Max always knows how to take control of a twink ass

Once he's good, Max plunges his bare cock deep into Danny's twink hole.

I mean there's not much ass there, so Max didn't have to plunge very far. He still did though...

Bareback Sex at Helix Studios

Danny looks like he likes being submissive...

Once Danny couldn't take anymore, Max sat the twink on top of his cock and let him bounce up and down.

Gay Sex at Helix Studios

Max out here playing peek-a-boo!

Then a little doggy!

Max Carter Fucks Danny Nelson

A Little doggy before Max makes his mark in Danny's ass.

Have you ever fucked your best friend's bro like Max fucked Danny?


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