Top Ten Hottest Celebrities on the Nice List Gomez hands to myself 779957 infobox featured

We all know from the song "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" that jolly old Saint Nick makes two lists everywhere: one nice and one naughty. Those who are nice get presents and those who are naughty get lumps of coal. Presents are great and all, but really the best gifts don't come in boxes or bags. It's that warm feeling you get when you look at a bunch of super hot celebrities. So, why not get start the gift giving early and countdown on the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities on the Nice List?

Lady Gaga is No. 1! And Her New Album Is Also Doing Well Gaga i want your love 775080 infobox featured

To honor Lady Gaga hitting no. 1 on the Billboard Music Chart with her new album “Joanne”, we thought we’d celebrate by looking at some of our favorite Gaga moments.

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Lady Gaga Really Does Have Some Great Boobs Lady gaga topless  06 d7c4ae7b web featured

We’ve all grown accustomed to Lady Gaga and her outrageous outfits, but I feel like we don’t focus on how hot Lady Gaga actually she. Sure, she’s hot when she’s all decked out in the strange, unusual, and downright odd, but when you take that all away, you still have one beautiful lady.

"American Horror Story" Season 6 Looks Creepy and Hopefully Sexy American horror story 6 theme revealed by the season 6 teasers the human centipede ii 1075673 featured

It’s time to hold onto your butts because here come all the teasers for season 6 of American Horror Story. And I do mean butts, because the show can be scary and the show is chock full of sexy (and scary) butts.

Throwback Thursday: Lady Gaga Was Robbed Gaga american horror story 779063 infobox featured

The Countess rules!

Birthday Boy Toy: Lady Gaga Boyfriend Taylor Kinney Naked Taylor kinney height weight age 0 featured

Panty obliterator Taylor Kinney has become a star in his own right since nabbing appearances in 2012's Zero Dark Thirty and more recently the role of hunky firefighter in Chicago Fire, and isn't afraid to go naked and show off his beautiful butt.

Flesh Links 6.10.16 Flesh links 6 10 featured

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Super Bowl 50 was the Gayest Super Bowl of all Time Screen shot 2016 02 08 at 12.13.51 pm featured

Lady Gaga, rainbows, and high heels, oh my!

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Is This Lady GaGa Nip Slip On Purpose Or Not? Gaga 1 featured

I think it’s pretty clear that Lady GaGa does (and wears) whatever she wants in whatever way she wants. Which is awesome, that’s one of the reasons we love her so much, but does anyone else think that maybe she just wasn’t able to finish getting ready for this photo shoot and that’s why her boob is hanging out?

Lady GaGa and Taylor Kinney Have Sex on a Canvas and Call It Art Lgg featured

You’ve heard me say a million times that great art strikes you at your core, that a work of art has something to say and when you hear it, it rattles your soul. Sometimes it’s not the art itself but the creation of the art that amazes you. For example, Lady GaGa and her soon-to-be hubby Taylor Kinney decided to make some art by having sex on a canvas.

It Is Hard to Read Lady Gaga's Cleavage Face Lg2 featured

Lady Gaga burst onto the scene with a song about how no one could read her poker face. And while a good poker face is hard to read, I wonder if maybe the song was originally called “Cleavage Face”, because I’m having a hard time reading her cleavage face.

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Regular Lady GaGa With a Touch of Outrageous Lady GaGa Is Also Hot Gag billboard 5 featured

The other day I pondered the question, was Lady GaGa hotter when she just regular Lady GaGa instead of outrageous Lady GaGa? Well, it would seem now there is a third option for us to ponder: part regular/part outrageous Lady GaGa.

Is Regular Lady GaGa Sexier Than Outrageous Lady GaGa? Lady gaga   rolling stone italie 11.2015  3  featured

One of the things I like most about Lady GaGa, other than her willingness to get nude at a moment's notices, is that even though she’s pretty hot when she’s all decked out in some strange and rather revealing costume, she’s still really hot when you take all that away. For Lady GaGa, she can go big and outrageous or she can go small and simple, and she’s still sexy.

Cheyenne Jackson's 'American Horror Story' Nude Scene & Jerk Off Video Jackson american horror story c42424f0 infobox featured

Let's start this week off with a finger bang!