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Angela Is All That and Then Some

Porn superstar Angela White is now a two time winner of AVN's coveted Female Performer of the Year award and she stars in the debut episode of a Girlsway spin-off six episode documentary series directed by Bree Mills that is available for viewing on Adult Time called The We Like Girls Project. White showcases her love for and her chemistry with Kissa Sins in this incredible scene and this year should be nothing but more aces for porn queen White.


Hello, Angela? How are you doing? How are things?

"Hi, things are amazing! I'm enthusiastic and motivated for the coming year. I've been shooting a lot since the AVN show and have a number of exciting projects on the horizon."

Congrats on taking home the AVN Female Performer of the Year award again! How does it feel to be recognized this way for two years in a row?

"It feels both incredible and surreal! I will be eternally grateful to have received this honor and privilege not once but twice. I worked extremely hard this past year and took some risks so it is amazing to have my work recognized."

Congrats also on starring in the debut of Bree Mills' new Adult Time lesbian documentary series, the We Love Girls Project. What do you love most about sex with women that is different than the sex you have with men? You starred in and directed the AVN Award winner for Best All-Girl Movie "Angela Loves Women 4" so you clearly have thoughts on this. :)

"I've noticed a propensity in women to take their time. The way another woman will linger on a part of my body without rushing to the next inch of skin sends my pleasure receptors into overdrive. I love slow, deliberate kissing, and soft touches in places that are usually ignored. Sex isn't just about the genitals. More often than not, women tend to be more explorative and more aware of the less obvious erogenous zones."

How was working with Kissa Sins in this?

"I have incredible chemistry with Kissa. We have worked together on a number of fantastic projects, including her showcase 'The Corruption Of Kissa Sins' for which we won Best BGG Sex Scene with Markus Dupree. Our passion for each other has only grown with every scene we have done together and I really love her as a person, not just as a fellow performer."

What do you enjoy most about working with Bree Mills?

"For this particular project, I enjoyed having the freedom to have sex without the restrictions of a script or character, and without the pressure to execute a list of predetermined sex positions. I prefer to have sex where the only limitations are a performer's preferences and their 'no list'. It takes the 'performance' out of sex and instead we get to be ourselves. That allows for real connection and true spontaneity to be achieved."

Congrats on your Best Actress win for your work in Trenchcoat X's "Games We Play". What do you remember most about the day you performed that scene?

"Aside from the incredible sex, what I remember most was the challenge of expressing real pain and anguish without crying the entire time. It was a delicate balance that Kayden [Kross] was striving for. The sex couldn't alienate the viewer to the point of being unwatchable or of not being sexy enough for arousal but I also needed to remain in the character of a woman who was emotionally devastated. Some reviewers did express to me that they found it painful, albeit impressive, to watch. I'm very proud to have won Best Actress for this scene."

Your Best Star Showcase win for Evil Angel’s “I Am Angela” had to feel like quite the victory as that category is pretty competitive. What do you think about that movie has resonated with the world? It has sold a pile to porn fans everywhere.

"'I Am Angela' doesn't just showcase me as a performer, it showcases me as a person. I think the movie resonated with consumers because of its authenticity and because it gives fans an unprecedented look at my background and my journey. It also helped that the movie included my first scene with the legendary Rocco Siffredi and my first trans scene with Chanel Santini."

What is coming up for you?

"I’m working on a lot of big projects this year, including more collaborations. I want to create work that is meaningful to me, inclusive and impactful."

Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Thank you for accompanying me on my sexual journey in porn. You’ve watched me grow as a performer, director and producer and your support motivates me to develop my skills further. The stories you’ve shared with me about your own sexual journeys has been touching and inspiring. Knowing that my work has helped many embrace their sexuality, connect with their own bodies, and open up to their partners gives my work purpose and meaning beyond my own exploration. Thank you for allowing me into your intimate lives and for your unconditional support."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Adult Time. Click right here to watch White's scene with Kissa Sins and all of the We Like Girls Project scenes right now!

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