Marking Her

Marking HerShe was lying on the ground huffing through her wet panties that I had shoved inside of her mouth. A bright red hand print was glowing under her tears. Helpless, she laid beneath me completely stripped of clothing and shaking. I lost my patience with her begging for forgiveness for coming without permission. The one rule that makes me venomous: don't come without permission, a rather simple and easy rule to follow. However, when you tell a slut to abide by such a rule it turns into a fatal challenge. Tonight she lost the battle.

"I expect you to make this up to me." I calmly said after I counted to ten in my head after slapping her square across the face. I straddled her legs closed hovering above her to stare into her face.

She whimpered through the black lacy panties in her mouth and nodded her head up and down. Her lips were trembling and the tears were staining her pretty white flesh. The red lipstick that she put on heavily had smeared and blended with the hand print, the mascara was starting to bleed and she still looked beautiful to me.

My face closed in on hers as I could feel the heat of my slap radiating from her cheek. I licked a stream of tears up to the corner of her eye. The whimpering started to taper and I place my lips near her ear.

"I want you to stop crying and pull yourself together my fuck doll. I want you well aware of what I am about to do to you. It is about time we make this union more official. I am going to mark you my love." I whispered into her ear with grave seduction. I could feel her cunt press upward towards my core. I gave a throaty laugh. "Well, there is no objection and after this, no safe word for you to blurt out."

I moved off of her to fetch my pretty shiny tools from the drawer in my room as I left her lying on the ground like a discarded object. When I returned she was exactly where I had left her. She hadn't moved an inch. I wondered if fear was riddling her blood as she was mentally preparing for what I was about to do to her.

"Spread your legs," I said when I reached her feet.

Her legs quickly spread for me revealing the dildo still lodged inside of her bare cunt. I sat between her open legs.

"I wonder when you became such a slut. I even wonder more at what point you decided you were going to just give in to me." I opened the slender box and pulled my scalpel out.

She looked at me with such content and I gave her the look of love and passion. I have always wanted her and to have her was quite a prize for my patience of playing the game of cat and mouse with her.

My eyes moved back to her sopping wet cunt and her clit was still engorged. A grin formed, she wanted this and hasn't backed down one bit. She knew if she didn't want this she could have pulled the panties from her mouth and left me. I never restrained my sluts because I insisted on 100% obedience from them. There was essentially always a way out but that also meant the union would be dissolved.

I bent down, watched her flat stomach concave and her ribs push out. I smelled her sex and flicked her clit with my tongue. Her body convulsed and her skin started to crawl with goose bumps. I tore the alcohol prep from its packaging and starred down at her hairless cunt. I focused on my new blank canvas looking for the right spot. I rubbed the cool, smelly cloth on the right side of her cunt below the pelvic bone. Her body jerked at the sudden sensation as her head was propped up watching me work.

Steady, the scalpel was poised in my hand. Curved cuts are never fun to do in flesh since it has to be done in one consistent stroke. I knew she wanted this as she anxiously watched me. I didn't have to ask her, I didn't need her permission to mark her. We have talked about it over and over prior to this moment. She just never knew when it would happen.

"Stay still, you know I have to do part of this in one stroke."

She nodded her head up and down as she attempted to calm herself, trying to prepare mentally for what was about to happen. My eyes bore into hers one last time and then I focused on my task at hand…carving a "G" into my property.

As the tip kissed her skin she breathed in and I started the beginnings of the "G". I was accurate, quick and ached when I watched the crimson red blood seep from her fresh wound. I let her catch her breath before I made the last stroke.

"Alll-most done," as I made the last cut.

I knew it wasn't sanitary but I had to lick her, had to clean her wound with my tongue. I bent down catching the droplets of blood that has run away from their doorway. I licked upward tasting her sweet life on my tongue. She bucked against my tongue and hissed when I reached her "G". When my tongue broke away from her flesh I savored her blood and swallowed her inside of me. Immediately I broke open another wipe, cleaned her up and dressed her wound. The last thing I wanted was my doll to get ugly with infection and disease.

My eyes shifted to her cunt as I saw how wet she had become since I started this ritual. I pushed in my middle finger and heard a groan in her throat then pushed in another finger, this time she yelped. I curled my fingers inside of her searching for her spot, that spot that would make her gush around my flesh. She writhed like a slut dying with lust.

"You are so beautiful when you are addicted."

Republished with permission from Dark Gracie. Photo via Whipped Ass.

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