Pippa Middleton, Topless Sunbathing Aficionado

Forget that whole Pippa Middleton in her bra thing: here are some pictures that are actually interesting. It seems that—like many European women her age—Pippa enjoys a spot of toplessness when she's off on holiday. (Who doesn't?)

Of course, unlike the rest of those European women, Pippa happens to be a royal in-law, which means any hint of exposed flesh is grist for the tabloid mill. Not that we're complaining about seeing Pippa's assets spread far and wide...but we hope against hope that all this gossip and whatnot doesn't force her to cover up in the future. That'd be a (wait for it) royal shame.

[UPDATE: Alas, we had to take the photo down—but News of the World should be running it, so keep an eye out.]

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