Lindsay Lohan's Nude(st) "Machete" Scene

Mr. Skin may have declared "Machete" to be completely free of any and all Lindsay Lohan nudie bits, but a few members of the peanut gallery have dared to challenge the judgment of the movie nudity master.

Yes, some are saying that if you look closely in the scene where Lindsay Lohan wakes up in a church, you can see her nipples for a very brief moment. Of course, we've also heard that if you stand in the bathroom at midnight on Halloween and say Lindsay Lohan's name three times while staring at yourself in the mirror, she'll appear before you with a bag of coke and take you on a whirlwind tour of LA. So, uh, maybe you should just find out for yourself. Grainy clip above (and you're on your own for that whole bathroom Halloween thing).

[NB for the confused: Yes, there are nuder scenes that appear to involve Lindsay, but they're all a body double.]

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