The Plot Thickens: Montana Fishburne's Sexy Music Video

It seems porn isn't the only thing that Montana Fishburne has been shooting these days—she also stars in the music video for Freaky Empire co-star/rumored boyfriend Brian Pumper's "Oh, and It's Shaved." Three guesses what "it" is.

Call us crazy, but we're going to use this video as further evidence that Ms. Fishburne is not a diabolical, plotting genius using a sex tape to launch herself towards a Kim Kardashian-esque life of, uh, fame. Yeah, this goes firmly in the column of things girls do when they maybe just want to be pornstars/hang out with Brian Pumper.

But hey, only time will tell right?

· Brian Pumper Ft. (Montana Fishburne) - "Oh & It's Shaved" (, via

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