Amorous Woman

Welcome back to the Fleshbot Book Club-your chance to get a sneak peek at some of the hottest erotic literature out now. Today's selection comes from Amorous Woman, an erotic novel by Donna George Storey.

Amorous Woman is the tale of an American's sensual affair with all things Japanese, published by Neon/Orion Books. View the trailer, a celebration of traditional erotic prints on YouTube.

Naomi smiled, her gaze lingering on my lips. "Have you ever kissed a woman before, Meg?"

I met her eyes. "No, never."

Her amber eyes flickered. She knew I was lying. And she liked me for it.

She closed her eyes and bent toward me. I knew what would come. The soft meeting of lips, the unhurried dance of tongues, the moment that stretched into forever. I was so used to Kimura's tobacco-spiked kisses, Naomi's tasted sweet, like overripe fruit with a touch of mint. She lay down beside me. We turned to each other and kissed again, our fuzzy robes pressed together.
My pulse was racing. This kissing part was easier this time, but I still didn't know the rules. Could I do anything I wanted now-anything at all? In a rush of daring, I slipped my hand under her collar and curled my fingers around her satin-covered breast. It was warm and springy, like a cushion. My palm prickled.

She made a low, humming noise.

Deep inside my belly, my body hummed in reply. But my mind wasn't so sure. Did she really like it? Or was it all an act?

As if in reply, Naomi pulled away from the kiss. She flashed me another knowing smile as she rose up on one elbow and pulled open the belt of my robe.

Without really meaning to, I glanced over at Kimura, sitting in the armchair by the window, cigarette in his hand. His eyes were fixed on us-as one might expect of a man in a hotel room with two women making out on the bed beside him—but his expression surprised me. Behind the glint of lust was a hint of anxious concern, even sadness. I wasn't sure what he was feeling, but I did know I couldn't go on with those wistful eyes watching my every move.

"Kazu," I said. "Come here."

Obediently he stood and walked over to the bed.

"I want you to be with me, too. Or is that too selfish?"

He shook his head and smiled.

While Kimura quickly peeled off his clothes, Naomi undressed me and pulled her own robe over her shoulders. Kimura crawled into bed on my other side. Instinctively I turned to face Naomi and pressed my back against him, forming a barrier between them with my body.

"You are selfish," Naomi whispered, a teasing glint in her eye, but she didn't seem to mind having the front of me all to herself.

She brushed my erect nipple with her finger. I shivered. Her tongue flicked over her lips and she scooted down to follow up with a kiss. Then Kimura began kissing my neck, his hard-on bobbing against my ass. His hand circled around between my legs to tease my cleft with maddeningly delicate strokes.

Surrounded by bodies, one behind and one in front, it was hard not to compare them. Kimura was a hard, hot wall pushing into me. Naomi, still in her silk teddy, was soft and faintly moist, drawing me toward her. Timidly, I reached out to touch her hair, but it was stiff between my fingers, from mousse or hairspray perhaps? What was she thinking as she fixed her hair for the evening ahead-playing out a lesbian scene with an old client's girlfriend?

I moved my hand away. Maybe I shouldn't ask questions. Maybe it was better to lie back and let them do everything, drifting wherever their hands and lips would guide me.

I felt another hand creep between my thighs. Kimura paused mid-stroke, then dutifully pulled away.

"You're so smooth down here, Meg," Naomi whispered, brushing my lips with her fingertips. Indeed, Kimura had shaved me earlier that day between our room service breakfast and our morning fuck. Then she took my hand and placed it between my own legs. "I'd love to watch you touch yourself. Show me how you like it."

Excerpted from Amorous Woman, by Donna George Storey.

The book is also on sale at Amazon.

Copyright (c) 2009 by Donna George Storey.

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