Sex Blog Roundup: Holiday Decorations

We can't help it. Some holiday phrases just sound dirty. Click below to see how our favorite sex-bloggers have been *ahem* decking their halls.

Bells on bobtails. Roasted chestnuts. A one-horse open sleigh. The Hanukkah bush. Maybe it's the irrepressibly dirty minds we here at Fleshbot cultivate, but we can't help but feel amused and more than a little excited when we think of Santa "coming down the chimney." This week's round up of steamy sex blog moments finds our authors "decorating" in the most delightfully deviant manner imaginable. Check them out and you might be ready to hang some decorations of your own.


Sound of Silence

The sounds I make now are an abandonment of consciousness, a wail directly from my soul. They seem to last forever, although of course they don't - but an untold and unfathomable length of wailed joyous expression goes by before i am silent again, save huge, shuddering gasps of air that reinflate my lungs.

Elegant Smut


Sex at 2am

I slipped my hand into her sweat pants, slipping my fingers between her lips, searching and hunting for her clit. A gasp from her told me I was getting close. Running my other hand over the body, nails scrapping against her skin, I whispered in her ear how hot she made me, how much she turned me on, how much I wanted to fuck her.

Sexuality Happens


1980 : VIP Lounge

You gotta use what your mama gave you, so I tuck my legs under me and sit up, bringing my breasts up to eye level. For the record, even in my leotard, I have terrific tits. Let me revise that – I have good breasts, but I have terrific nipples. They're as big as the last joint of your pinkie, and persistently erect. I can hang things from them, necklaces, ribbons, ties, you name it. If it hangs, it can be hung from my nipples. They are my only trick.

dirtygirl diaries : jodi sh. doff


Microfantasy Monday – Role Reversal

I quickly pushed her against the wall and tangled my fingers into her soft auburn hair on either side of her head, taking her lips with my own and asserting myself against her. I could smell her, spicy with a hint of vanilla. I was already intoxicated by her and aching for more.

Femme Fagette


The Harem — Autumn

Mac worked his way down to her cunt, now ultimately spread open for her pleasure. Her clit was just as flushed and filled as her nipples and he knew what to do. Tonguing….up and down….back and forth…fuck this hot slut….gimme this cunt…he started tonguefucking her, throwing his face into her crotch. Autumn began grunting loudly, just as he wanted her to do. She clutched his head in her hands and began fucking his face, rapidly.



Ex Machina

I'm strapped face down to a Y shaped bench. My arms are folded together in the small of my back, my legs are spread and bent back - calves strapped to thighs. He's wrapping me in plastic. I can hear the peel and coil of the wrap, the slight tackiness of it as it folds around my limbs. I'm still hooded, breathing through a tube and sometimes the air stops, rubber inflating and deflating uselessly, enough to bring me part way to a panic. Then released. After a short while, I'm done. Bagged and tagged.

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