Sex Blog Roundup: Slick Chicks

Take one for a ride.

We're not sure what cosmic forces aligned to inspire such horny little bloggers this week, but eyes are bugging here at Fleshbot HQ. Apparently there's been a whole lot of fucking and—lucky us—plenty of documentation. Madeline's grabbed a handful of favorites from some of the sexiest bloggers we know for your, um reading pleasure. So please, sit back, relax and enjoy the bounty of the season. And by "bounty" we mean "pussy." Just so we're clear.


All Business

She wasted no time at all. Her cock slid into my eager pussy and yes, she fucked me good and proper. One hand on my clit, one hand on my hip and I was doing my damnedest to stifle the moans escaping me. Just as I was about to come and come hard she pulled out. Um, what the fuck?

Scintellectually Yours



She begins to rise and fall over his length, slowly at first, her pace quickening more swiftly than he had expected. The teasing has evidently affected her as much as it has him. She grips one of his thighs with one hand, whilst she presses the other against her clit. He can feel the tips of her fingers against the underside of his shaft as she frantically pleasures herself.

"Fuck, I'm coming already," she cries out, and her body convulses as her orgasm passes through her.

Easily Aroused



"You say, 'Teacher, may I please suck your cock?' "

"TeachermayIpleasesuckyourcock?" It spilled out of her so fast the words ran together, not drops this time but a deluge, a torrent.

"Again, please. And let's have that enunciation improved this time."

"Teacher, may I please suck your cock?"

Insatiabear: A Panserbjørne's Musings


My First Time Getting a Piss Enema

He flipped me about and fucked me in countless positions as usual, until he asked me to climb on top again. Then he asked me to put his dick in my ass while I was on top. I pretended to resist but he knows I love it and he laughed with me until i pushed down hard on his cock.

The Beautiful Kind


American Boy

I sighed and stared at the ceiling. He kissed down lower, and began teasing me with quick kisses through the fabric of my panties, so that the sensation of his lips against my clit was unmistakable, spaced apart, tentative, as if daring me for a response. But with the cotton between his hot wet tongue and me, it was even more of an excruciating thrill, a painful tease. "If you don't tell me, I'm just going to do what I want."

If doing what he wanted involved what he was already doing, it was perfectly fine by me.

You Fucked the Suburbs Out of Me


Fucking For Art

I locked eyes with him; we smiled at each other when we heard her whispered moan as my finger grazed her swollen clit. It was his turn to groan when I sucked her juices off my finger before continuing. When I looked at her I could see the pink flush creeping across her breasts and face, I knew her breathing was more labored. She looked so beautiful, so overcome with lust, so tortured.

This Could Be Dangerous


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