To "Black Devil Doll" With Love

How can we hate someone who tosses salad, jerks off on windows, and engages in murder of crackers by bat and hammer with the same delirious joy? The answer is that you can't hate the "Black Devil Doll."

Black Devil Doll

Studio: Lowest Common Denominator Director: Shawn Lewis Cast: Heather Murphy, Natasha Talonz, Precious Cox, Erika Branich, Christina Svendesn, Martin Boone

I first wrote about "Black Devil Doll" about 35 years ago when the relentlessly marketed neo-blaxploitation flick was but a trailer. Now that it has escaped an All White Jury for release in its full glory, I'm here to say that "Black Devil Doll" is a very special film that offers only happiness.

Re-animated in puppet form the moment of his state-sponsored electrocution, Cracker bitch fucking/murdering Mubia Abul-Jama (yes, I know) falls in love with sassy Heather Honeydew Boone.

But their post-mortem honeymoon can't last. "I'm a man, bitch," says Black Devil Doll. "I need to get into some Strange."

Heather goes off to McDonald's after inviting her four sassy girlfriends over. Mubia deals with each according to his needs.

Mubia's joy in doing what he does and the game giddiness with which each of the cast members plays her part in this perfect period piece made me wish I was 14 and watching this Russ Meyer-meets-Tom Savini intimate ass-and-splatter epic for the first time.

Porn parodists can learn a lot from this movie. It was made on a small budget with a limited cast, yet there is a clear story and an actual ending (sort of). In the meantime it is the most deliciously scatalogical, violent, misogynist, racist, and titillating movie you will see this year or, probably, ever.

What might Andrea Dworkin or Ossie Davis have to say about this movie? One shudders to think. It's hard to encourage someone not inclined to do so to take something like this in a spirit of fun. But "Black Devil Doll" is silly above all things, and it was a muthafuckin' joy to watch, bitch.

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