Sex Blog Roundup: In The Autumn

Before the leaves start falling let's fall into bed with this week's roundup of some of the best in the sex-blogging scene. Join AlwaysArousedGirl just after the cut. We'll bring the cider.

The start of Autumn prompts thoughts of pumpkin carving, hay-rack rides and chilly evenings around the campfire. The bloggers in this week's selection of top sex blog moments don't have time to linger; they're off to more salacious enjoyments. In a choice between cocksucking and candy corn, they'd always choose the former.

Just between the two of us? We'd do the same.


The Proper Care and Feeding of a Wife

"Now this is going to take awhile, so don't get impatient!" He methodically fucked my mouth and throat with a pace that made me insane. He knew that when I sucked cock, I liked to be in control, to be proud of my skills. Here, however, I was just a hole, a piece of meat that his cock was in.

I choked and gasped for air. He pulled out, and then got right back to fucking my throat. Because I knew he could not see, I reached my hands around his ass and began playing with my wet pussy. It had that clean cunt smell that comes from being so aroused that your pussy is just a mess of slickness and hair. This happens whenever his cock is in my mouth, or honestly, whenever any cock has been in my mouth. It's like I am broken, or different, wired to get off on sucking cock.

Minivan Libertine


Slave Salad

i was all a-tremble, the dinner party a forgotten nuisance when he spoke again, "clean your fingers like you clean my cock." i slid my fingers out of my pussy and put them in my mouth, sucking them clean and moaning as i imagined sucking my cum off of him.

"Do you like that little one?" he asked, and i mumbled a "yeth thir" around the fingers in my mouth. "Good girl. You do taste good. So good in fact that I think we should share. Take the cucumber and slide it deep inside your pussy." i took the large, cold cucumber from the floor beside me did as he ordered. My pussy clenched around it convulsively, still wanting to fuck, but he had other plans.

Slave Salad «



I knew I was willing to let him come, but I wondered if he would feel disappointed. I'm usually willing to let him be denied if that's what he wants (which is partly why I find it irresistible when he begs me not to let him come, even if I've forced him to do it). So I said, "Beg me…either to let you come or not. Your choice."

And he begged me to let him come.

Devastating Yet Inconsequential


Love Reign O'er Me

He's undressed, as am I, and we are going at it....sticky, sweaty and sexy as hell....he is deep inside of me, thrusting with force...fanfuckingtastic. I cum before he does, and I am hoping he can sustain...he does and keeps going for a long legs anchored on the closet doors, each thrust shaking them to nearly break them off the hinges....our eyes locked, intensely focused on each other.

The Unfaithful Soccer Mom


Release and Relief

The pleasure factor is immense, and it's so early on in the game! I asked for intense, and intense is what I'm getting.

Once he has worked my cunt into a bubbling frenzy, loosening and relaxing the muscles enough, he slides his fist into me, and begins to pound my G-spot. I gasp, and cry out, and it only increases his efforts. Leaning over me, he reaches underneath and pinches a nipple until the pain crackles through me from stem to… well, clit, and then I feel him nibble on my ear. I gush, hearing the splatter onto the quilt, amazing myself at the quantity – I sound like I've let loose the fucking Hoover dam!

Elegant Smut



My clit is a hard pebble screaming for attention and I can feel the wetness seeping from between my pussy lips. I have been known to become so wet that a thread drips to the mattress to pool on my sheets. It embarrasses me how turned on I become from performing oral sex on M, it creates the conflict between finishing him off with my mouth or fucking him with my aching pussy.

Laani's Blog


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