Sex Blog Roundup: Honeypots

It's (almost) Rosh Hashanah.

On Rosh Hashanah dipping apples in honey symbolizes the sweetness of a new year. You have to be careful with honey, though: When Madeline brought some this morning to Fleshbot HQ, writers and editors got pretty sticky. This week's featured posts from the best of the sexbloggers already had us thinking about spanking, blowjobs and threesomes: perfect wanking material for the New Year.


Eager to Enroll

Standing with a sly smile and giggling eyes, she modeled the plaid skirt, the smart little steel clasp pin, and a tight white top. At my instruction, she bent over her stairwell to reveal the lace-trimmed white panties she wore underneath that so delicately framed her amazing little ass.

Urban Rogue


Girlfriend: Angela

She loved to fuck..and Ill never forget the crazy shit we did. We would fuck outside my house in the rain at like 3am..i bent her over the porch and we didn't care who could catch us. We even once got kicked out of a strip club cuz she kept sliding my hand up a her skirt to finger her shaved pussy. I would titty fuck her huge tits and cum all over her face.

David's Confessions



At first he was kind. He made me climb onto the bottom step of a small ladder before cuffing me to the horizontal chin bar fixed in his door frame. Then he got a cotton belt and secured my other wrist. And another belt like a tie with a big Windsor knot around my neck.

-Having My Cake . . . And Eating it, Too!


if you are not here

He pulls back the duvet, offering his flank and the length of crumpled bed. I sink, and he folds me in warmth, bare skin and soft cotton. I wriggle against his side and lie into an offered shoulder, breathe deep. He smells of strong sex; my sex.



Happy Birthday, part two

Neither seemed surprised when I slid naked onto the mattress next to them. Both had this glassy look of the sexually happy. The odor of semen and pussy was like fine wine. "Oh..." Wendy managed, and touched my face tenderly. We kind of naturally rearranged ourselves, with Chad climbing off and lying on his back. A long white string of semen followed his penis out of her pussy. His cock was still half hard as I licked their juices off. Then I licked, sucked and nibbled a very happy Wendy, glorying in their mixed juices.

Linda Sue's Diary


It was a Dark and Stormy Night ....

I feel the peak of my orgasm. I start screaming, "Oh god motherfucker I'm coming that feels so fucking good don't stop don't stop oh oh oh!" I get so loud that I bite my lip and try to contain myself but I can't fight the waves of pleasure as Hubman dives cock first back into my spasming pussy and presents his face to me so I can lick off all of the juices off of his handsome face.

Another Suburban Mom


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