Courtney Trouble's "Nostalgia" Looks Backward To Move Forward

As the pioneering queer porn producer behind altsite NoFauxxx, Courtney Trouble does not seem like a girl who's particularly pining for the Golden Age of porn. But her latest release suggests otherwise.

The aptly named "Nostalgia" is both a tribute to and a reworking of some of the most classic porn titles of our time. Through the eyes of Courtney Trouble, we see the Golden Age as it might have been: a queer fantasia where bodies of all types get to experience pleasure, strap-on wielding dykes abound, and Madison Young gets the chance to finally squirt glitter, after discovering the true location of her clitoris (in her throat, natch).

"Nostalgia" has a dreamy, otherworldly feel: the scenes themselves are framed by footage of Trouble and Pepper Sox in bed together, presumably watching this reinvented porn—though as the two find themselves incorporated into April Flores's exploration of queer lust, it becomes less clear who (and where) they are. This is not, shall we say, a porn for those who prefer a clear, defined plot—but it is a delicious dive into a glittery fantasy world (one we were only too happy to stay submerged in).

And we would be remiss if we neglected to mention the feature's stellar cast. Porn Valley imports April Flores and Kimberly Kane are, of course, a joy to watch in their fourway with Trouble and Pepper Sox; Syd Blakovich and Jiz Lee stole our hearts as the doctor-nurse team who helped Madison Young find her "fireworks."

We've been following Courtney Trouble's porn career since the earliest days of NoFauxxx, and we're very pleased to see that her years of experience have resulted in more and better queer porn. "Nostalgia" may be taking a look backward, but its also a glimpse of things to come—and if the future is like this, the future can't come soon enough.

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