Slippery When Wet: Top Ten Water Sex Videos

Slippery When Wet: Top Ten Water Sex VideosThere's something innately sexy about fucking while wet. From ocean to shower, with naked bodies immersed in water, you just can't go wrong. We're just amazed that some people can stay underwater for that long – and still orgasm!

These videos cover all the usual wet hotspots, as well as a few extra kinky wet scenarios. Needless to say, the couples manage to stay squeaky clean while getting down and dirty.

Fucked in the bath part 2 of the fun in the bath video (

Under water oral sex (

Follada en jacuzzi (

A fuck in the sea (

Paid fucking in pool (

My hot girlfriend (

Fucking outdoor in the rain (

Shower doggy style (

German couple serie, now in Jacuzzi 02 (

Hot blonde teen play with water hose (


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