Sex Blog Roundup: Extremes

Sex Blog Roundup: ExtremesHanging out in the middle just won't do. Join AlwaysArousedGirl after the jump for the highest highs and the lowest lows in this week's best of the sex blog world.

Why accept mediocrity in any aspect of life, especially in the all-important realm of sexuality? The bloggers in this week's roundup of highlights from the sex blog scene don't settle for ok sex, average experiences or so-so orgasms. They want only the most extreme kinds of fun, whether that's in the form of achingly intense climaxes or exquisitely painful canings. Read on for the best of times and the worst of times.


Marks of Another Sort

I don't know how anyone could have been ready for that first strike though. How can you be ready for the first sharp smack of the flogger across your breasts, the ends cracking across your nipples, no warning? I screamed into the gag at the first blow, stunned by the ferocity of it.

Pieces of Jade


Never too much

I remember lying on my front, facing away from him, as he relentlessly thrust his hand into me. Managing to hit both my G-spot and my clit simultaneously, i alternately sighed, moaned, yowled and screamed as he coaxed orgasm after orgasm out of me. It almost felt as though it was too much, but then as that thought began to flit across my mind, another peak hit. I shuddered to the most earth shattering climax yet, and wondered incredulously at myself.

Elegant Smut


Say Cheese

He continues his slam against me, deeper and harder with each thrust. I can feel the wetness surround his cock with the suctioning sounds my pussy makes with each assail of his dick. I am barley holding myself up; I place my hands on the bar for support. He takes the opportunity to lift my legs of the floor, I am not touching the ground, I am spread wide open.

Library Vixen


Confused (a Common State of Mind Lately)

Being the tease that I am, I run the head of my cock around her opening, soaking it in her warm juice. She pulls me down and I sink in slowly, her cunt accepting my hard cock to the hilt. I begin fucking her and she's breathing hard and pushing back – something she rarely does anymore. Again, she's close to cumming but can't quite get there. I shift forward so I'm sliding against her clit and she's there! Her fingers dig into my back as she moans in pleasure.



A Thousand Kisses

I still contend that I blacked out for a few moments here. I'm not sure if it was from the pain I felt as he opened me to him or if it was just that the feelings were too intense. Whatever the cause, when I regained my senses I was experiencing a sensation that was at once completely foreign and completely natural.

Prurient Interests


Microfantasy Monday – Cleaning

The sound of his zipper alerts her to his presence, and she glances over her shoulder, eyes widening as they take in the hard cock in his tight fist and realizes her completely nude and vulnerable state.

Sex. Shoes.


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