Sex Blog Roundup: Surrender

We're all for taking charge when the time is right, but some situations call for nothing less that absolute surrender. Some of our favorite sex bloggers suggest that hoisting the white flag is the way to go when clothes start coming off. Click the link with AlwaysArousedGirl and submit already.

Take a load off. Lean back and let your lover do all the heavy lifting. Put body and mind completely under someone else's control. Then what happens? Let's just say there's going to be a lot of laundry to do the next day.


Confessional: There's an Exhibitionist on Route 76

And then when my second urging to wank while driving struck, and I found myself needing a little more….I finished off at a rest stop. A busy one. Some guy drove strangely close to my car - he came up the right side and instead of cutting straight across the row he drove in FRONT of my car. Since he was in an SUV and I'm in my little compact….well I think he could see both hands shoved down the front of my unbuttoned pants. He looked right at me. Yeah, he knew.

This Could Be Dangerous


The Poet Surrenders

All the while in eye to eye touch, breathing in and out with this beautiful man who is about to surrender to my male. This man who is discovering his woman.

I hover over him as he lays on his back, legs in the air like a grrl, I find his sweet spot and place my dick right at the opening.

"Do you want it? Do you want my dick in your ass? Do you want my dick?"

once upon dangerous


Microfantasy Monday, week 30 : thunder

Jude glanced down and saw that the shirt was clinging to him, clearly revealing his breasts.

She stopped directly in front of him, so close he could smell her hair and the salty tang of her sweat. For a moment he was swept away by the sensation of being that close to her and allowing himself to feel what he'd been denying all these months.



A Wicked Birthday Bang…

Finally he worked his way down to my very wet pussy. I was pretending to be modest, keeping my legs together. [a little game we play, where I wait for him to tell me to SPREAD MY LEGS FOR HIM] and right on cue he whispered,

‘spread your legs and give me that beautiful pussy darlin' - MELT.



Journey South

I circled it, one way and then another, with the tip of my tongue, and then traced small circles moving it downwards, and the same back up again, still steadying my pace, then 'vibrating' my tongue back and forth rapidly, moved down to the bottom and back up to the clitoris, considering my next move while I licked absent-mindedly at it and felt her legs slightly tremble.

Innocent Loverboy


Girl Fantasy

I'd lift her skirt up as I dropped to my knees and I'd let you get a good view as I tasted her. You'd watch, stroking your hard, thick cock, as my tongue flickered over her clit, as I teased her and took joy in making her knees weak and her breath catch in her throat. I'd only stop after I made her cum, riding my fingers and grinding her clit against my tongue until she couldn't take anymore.

Phaedra Fallen


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