Sex Blog Roundup: Finding The Last Egg

The Easter Bunny's come and gone, but we're still searching for that last elusive sweet treat. Join AlwaysArousedGirl in the hunt, right after the jump.

Delicious goodies were everywhere this past weekend and the bloggers in this week's roundup of the horniest moments in the sex blog scene won't let even one go to waste. While some folks look for treats in baskets, the wisest search in more intimate locations. Behind some cleverly positioned snaps, beneath a zipper, under a button fly — these are the best hiding places. Why don't you look too?

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Why You Don't Attempt Threesomes With Drunk Men Without Prior Discussion.

We're on the bed with his English accent hovering dimly and his fingers hard between my legs. I can't remember if I came, or if I pretended to, I only remember that his hands were too hard, and he hurt. I remember the burst of his cum, splashing on his stomach as my hand pulsed around his cock.

Blessed Are The Perverse


Love letter to a memory.

As I start to fumble with the sheets, I hear you sit up, and feel your body heat before you've touched me. As you close that distance, one hand finds its way to my bare waist, my hips, and pulls me to you. Your other hand brushes the hair off my neck and shoulder before it joins the other at my waist. I close my eyes and lean into you as you kiss my neck, softly and sweetly.

(un)Scripted Sexuality


Watching a Beating

He had me get on the floor next, towels underneath in case I squirted, and he used the Hitachi on my clit and then wand in my pussy. He teased me into a frenzy and then let me come. I grunted and grabbed at his back, looking to clutch at anything I could get my hands on.

Diary of a Kinky Librarian


I Love Movie Night

I lifted up my shirt and popped a juicy nipple in her mouth. When her warm breath soaked my on button my pussy started to juice up. The panties were getting in the way so she started to slowly eased them down as my sister seemed to be unaware of what was happening. With three of her slender fingers jammed in my slippery hot pussy and my nipple in her mouth I was in heaven.

The Kink Chronicles



As her sounds became more frantic, I couldn't hold back any longer. I was already so aroused that my inner thighs were slick with my excitement. I stroked my fingers lightly over my clit, wanting to savor my arousal, wanting to prolong it. I pushed a finger into my cunt and brought my juice up to taste myself, imagining it was I between her legs, tasting her sweetness, plunging my tongue inside her, sucking on her, causing her to make those sounds.

Pieces of Jade


Not Much of a Torpedo

That is when the light bulb finally when on in his head and we started up.

Now I had a career of sitting in a man's lap and wiggling so I kind of can tell a lot of things as I suspect most if not all women can. Well as we were kissing like horny teenagers and his hand all over my tits I kept on wiggling hoping to feel a nice hard dick at some point.

Diary of a Sex Object


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