Sex Blog Roundup: Spring Flings

This week's Roundup of the hottest sex writing on the web gives a whole new meaning to the term "fucking like bunnies."

It's Spring, and to celebrate, sex bloggers around the world are dousing themselves in melted chocolate and eating Marshmallow Peeps wrapped in ham. Actually, spring has had a crazy effect on this week's bloggers. From hot tub hot dogging to ex-girlfriend fantasies to full-on, dirty-talking strap-on fuckery, it's pretty obvious there's no need for a birds/bees chat. We'll save that one for church on Sunday. Madeline likes to use the chocolate bunnies as visual aids.

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hot doggin'!

I invited Conner upstairs using the view as a selling point. Within 5 minutes I was naked in the hot tub and Conner was stripping down to his plaid boxers. Fuck that boy had a hot body. We talked for up to an hour before anything sexy happened but finally I broke his good boy spirit. He couldn't keep his hands off of me and I couldn't keep my hands off his perfectly formed cock.

We splashed around that little whirlpool for awhile before I ended up bent over the side of it. Conner didn't want to penetrate but his cock was so hungry for a hole. This was the point in the evening when something new and exciting happened: hot dogging. Urban Dictionary defines it as "when a male rubs his penis between another person's butt cheeks without penetrating the anus." Because I have an ample ass it was easy for his cock to disappear in my crack. Nature's lubricant, spit, provided the slip and slide necessary for each thrust.

the blazing shark wants your balls


Powerful Submission

I put the collar on for the very first time, fingers trembling, suede soft against my skin. I pulled the strap snugly through the shiny buckle and slid the end into place. I paused for a moment to smell the delectable scent of new leather. I could feel the blood coursing through my body, feel my heart pounding, feel myself becoming wet with the new sensation of constriction. My skin erupted in goosebumps and my nipples hardened as I fingered the D-rings and centered the collar on my neck. It was time to look in the mirror and face the decision I had made, to see the physical evidence of the new direction I was taking. We were taking together.

My gift of submission is powerful.


—-—- His Eyes

It was the love that undid her, the love that made her offer her throat to his hands, her wrists to the rope. The rage she could have fought, the madness feared, the pain lamented... but the love... it was the love that undid her, and brought her to her knees for him as she had never knelt before. It was the love that reminded her to breathe through the pain he gave her, let her accept the penance without anger or retribution. Let her welcome it. It was the love that made her hate herself for hurting him, and love him the more for forgiving her.

Ruby Incarnidine


Confession: Breaking the Girl

As she is bent in half in a standing-hogtied sort of way, her cunt is bared to me like a split peach. I can easily go from inflicting pain on her ass to her cunt.

But no….that only satisfies part of my desire. I wanna make her squirm. Blush. Cry. I want to break her.

I don't want a slut who's at ease with her sexuality. I don't want a whore who's been around this block a time or two. I want a girl who cringes when sex words roll off her tongue. I want to make her say cunt and clit and suck and nipple and fuck and I want her to blush while she says this stuff. Tease her with these words and the pain (the bittersweet raw pain) and the begging until she's crying.

This Could be Dangerous



there's a guy beside you he's running too is he your new guy his thighs are strong i remember how you used to love to nuzzle your face into my thighs and breathe deeply the salty scent between them and my heavy balls you groaned with such feral pleasure while you sucked air my scent my salt in through your nose just before you would swab your wet tongue up the length of my shaft jesus christ it was so good you're so great at sucking cock honey

Urban Roguery


My slutty little girl.

"Please, baby, I need it, I want you to fuck my pussy."

I do like the way she begs. I nearly acquiesced, but said "no" again, pulled back to shift to my knees on the bed. Took her hair in my fist as she bent in front of me. "Do it real pretty, and I'll fuck you."

She lowered her lips to my cock and kissed. Swallowed. Lapped with her tongue, ran it along her lips. I didn't stop with the talking. "Baby, you suck it so good. That's so pretty in your mouth, suck it deeper, yeah that's it, good girl."

Sugarbutch Chronicles


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