Sex Blog Roundup: Get Off.

Sex Blog Roundup: Get Off.Sometimes in this crazy world, you need a little "me" time. We get it.

Things don't always go as planned. In uncertain times, it's good to know you've got options. For example, financial experts advise that if your IRA is tanking, you shouldn't go crazy and pull out of your investments; rather, you should continue and invest more. We're not financial advisers here at Fleshbot HQ, but we understand that wisdom. In times of uncertainty, we advise staying the porny course and keeping in touch with yourself. This week, Madeline's rounded up stories that'll help you do just that. From voyeurism to golden showers, these stories will keep you on the path to good wanking.

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Cashmere Thoughts

Her hips were gyrating against the bed. My heat increased. As if on cue, she raised her feet and spread her legs just slightly. My face pushed closer to the door peering for a view. There it was, the moist lips of her sex peeking out between her warm thick thighs. Cashmere swiveled her hips against the bed as she whispered into the phone. My manhood was bolder than I, he pressed against the door trying to push it open. I was rabid with desire. I felt my hips swivel in concert with hers, our bodies were feet away from each other but moving in a syncopated rhythm.

-The Dirty Details


The Carousel

"James..." I sighed and laughed and Finn leaned in a little closer.

"Yes?" he urged, taking my hand as if this might bring about some huge confession.

"James likes to be fucked in the ass." I said and looked at Finn, waiting for the arched eyebrow but didn't get it.

"By girls or boys?" he asked. He's got this down, Finn does.

"By me." I answered.

-Ambient Storm's Provocative Persiflage


Study Break

I stepped forward, closing the gap between us, and reached out to her hip, my fingers trailing over the soft pink satin. "It feels good", I breathed, and pushed my lips onto hers. Straight away her tongue was in my mouth and as she draped her arms around me she pulled me close to her, crushing my lips on hers and filling my nostrils with the scent of her perfume. As my hands wandered over her body, slipping across the silk, I pushed my hips against her, the hard bulge in my trousers pressed against her soft mound. My hands slipped around behind her, and as I slipped the nightdress up over her naked bottom, I squeezed hard, lifting her onto her tiptoes and grinding her navel against my thick erection. "Mmmmm", she groaned, hot breath in my face as she mirrored the pressure pulling her lips harder onto mine.



the delicious

I kissed him and he made pained sounds and I wanted to know what hurt. It was his nipples, with the clamps being pressed against me. I loved that, and pulled him tighter to me to kiss him harder. He moaned. A lot.

-Devastating, Yet Inconsequential


Mood Killer

lucky for him, he was a good kisser and he offered to make it up to me by offering to go down on me. he had soft lips and a good tongue so i agreed. i lifted my hips as he pulled off my skirt and spread my legs so he could find a comfortable place. he put one of my legs over his shoulder as he got close to my pussy. his fingers started by circling my clit. he gave soft kisses and licks to my already wet lips. with his free hand, he started to spread my lips a little and his tongue moved to the inner lips. my breathing was getting deep. he had amazing oral abilities.

-Love in the Capitol


It started when I shyly told the older man that I regularly peed in the shower. (I was shy about everything then.) Since we often showered together, it took not very long for us to pee on each other's legs as we stood together and eventually he asked me to do it on his chest while he lay underneath me. It wasn't sexy to me, just playful and funny. But play made me curious, and later, with another man, I wanted to know what it tasted like. This came after he pissed on my face and some of it seeped through my closed lips. I was shocked, because what reached my tongue was like broth. It tasted good.

-nightmare brunette


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