Sex Blog Roundup: Bring On The Pain

Turn up those pert bottoms and let it hurt so good with AlwaysArousedGirl, right after the jump.

Some of our favorite sex blog writers have been bringing on the pain recently. They're heating up their hands and their other bits with bottom-reddening spankings, rope bondage and super-intense sex. Gotta have something to keep us warm at the end of a long cold winter, right? Read on for this week's best sexy tales.

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10, 9, 8…

My head was turned to the side and I could see when he picked up the large paddle. He walked back behind me and said, "This is going to hurt."

I put my head down and braced myself for the paddling. And it did hurt, but I found myself moaning with each hit. Not a moan of pain, but a moan of pleasure - a moan that went along with my growing arousal. It hurt, but somehow I didn't want it to stop.

10, 9, 8… at Diary of a Kinky Librarian


Nawa*G & lil*j ~ Whore on the Floor

He did this for awhile, then he made me straddle his leg and rub myself against his leg. He made me do this till he allowed me to cum. He was saying all these humiliating things to me, but instead of making me feel shameful, it just really turned me on.

D said he was getting tired, so he sat back on the couch and kept his foot on my pussy. He forced me to grind on his foot ordering me to cum again. This time I leaned back so I was leaning against him while grinding on his foot. As I was cumming, he slapped my face repeatedly…It TOTALLY bonked me into deep subspace.

The Best Sex Bloggers



Shutting off the water I reach for a towel as I step out and pat my warmed skin dry. Grabbing the bottle of my favorite lotion you gave to me I inhale the scent as a smile breaks out across my face. So many thoughts rush into my head as the heat of those thoughts bring a wetness to me I am unable to control.

Debauched Domestic Diva


I am a Freak...

I also prefer my sex delivered with force, in other words, intense. Not soft. Not gentle. Not tender. I'm not a masochist - I don't like a lot of pain, but a guy grabbing my hair while he kisses me hard, damn that's hot. Riding me hard, smack my ass a few times, pinch a nipple, bite my neck, yeah, bring it on. I even love a bit of sexual domination, BDSM-style. Tie me up/down and use me... hell yeah. Freaky.

Yes, I am a Slut



I stroked myself once, twice, then sank two of them deeply into my wet cunt, wriggling them while pressing the heel of my hand hard against my clit. I came, just like that, his come coating the inside of my mouth as I held him there, suckling gently, prolonging his pleasure in an almost painful, almost torturous way.

… solipsubmissive …


Office sex (yay!) with new C

C wrapped her hand around my cock, giving it a few more strokes. She let her jeans and panties fall to the floor and moved over to the "guest" chair in my office. She stood in front of it and bent over, showing off that gorgeous butt. I slipped on a condom, moved over behind her and ran my cock up and down her pussy...she was already soaked. I pushed inside of her all the way. C let out a little gasp.

Torn Shorts & Anteaters


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