Sex Blog Roundup: When Horniness Attacks!

She was a good girl. A Straight-A student. Until she was overtaken by an insatiable lust for cock.

If it's insatiability you want, this week's Roundup's got it in spades. From swingers to sissies, to married and monogamous, these bloggers make us want to fuck like weasels. Join Madeline Glass for Pretty Girls! Dirty Minds! Hot Action!

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Creamy Sin





Coating my tongue

Dripping down my chin

I lick it from my lips and fingers

It is simple and luxurious, sinful and decadent.

-This Could Be Dangerous


Meet-Up, Part Two

I couldn't figure out how she was doing it, how she could keep talking about random things like winter and tv and a show with a band with a four-word name I'd never heard of that was coming up in a week that she was really excited about. I couldn't figure out how she could talk about those things, and all the while I could feel her fingertips on my knuckles growing warmer and warmer as my knee moved slowly up and down, and her hips moved slowly down and up against it.

-We Sleep Together



Our clothes were in chaotic piles on the floor. Between her spread thighs, my hips and ass bounced insistently while her arms held me tight and close, her nails biting under my shoulderblades from spread, thin fingers.

She liked to fuck, her blowjobs were the stuff of dreams, and she was one of only three women I've ever known who uncontrollably and beautfully ejaculated when she came.

-Urban Roguery


3-Strand Pearl Necklace

At the Mardi Gras party, I was extremely excited to meet up with some of my favorite single male friends. I invited thsee great guys because I was interested in doing a gang bang with some of my best fucks. And what better occasion to fuck half a dozen throbbing cocks than at Mardi Gras? Some girls show their boobs for beads...but I was willing to work a little harder for mine. Although I received plenty of beads throughout the night, my eye was on the pearly white beads.

-Swing in the City


Seven Minutes

Last night it took her seven minutes from the time she came to bed until I'd shot my load. The sad thing was I knew she wasn't getting excited at all. She wouldn't let me touch any of her erogenous zones and she wasn't touching any of them herself. My brain says stop, don't let her do this. You'll feel like a worthless pile of shit when you're done, but my lust for her betrays me.

-Sweat Shop Sissy


Suite Surprise

Just as he'd imagined, she turned to him, undid one button, then another, approached with a smile, hiked up her leg and settled herself astride his lap. He inhaled the warm scent of her, that maddening scent of a woman's cunt, the promise of it, the hint of ecstasy, of flesh unleashed into flesh. She raised her arms and unpinned her hair, leaned forward to let it fall over his face.

-Pussy Talk


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