Sex Blog Roundup: Award Winning Performances

We hear there was some big awards show recently? Something about golden statues? And movies? We thought it might be nice to give out awards of our own. Read on with AlwaysArousedGirl after the jump.

We couldn't care less who won the award for best picture, best screenplay or especially best cinematography, but if someone started giving out prizes for the hottest sex blog writing we'd be ready to hand out the statues in an instant. Why just this week we've found winners for "Best Use of Breasts, Girl-Girl Division," "Best Sensual Wrestling Episode," and "Best Vocals During an Erotic Encounter." And if that's not enough, we've got ZOMBIES!

Pass the envelope and we'll announce the winners!

. . .

gladly met

they are a part of the altar of her
another place for me to grab hold of divinity
and pull myself up
another place for me to whisper my petitions
and lavish my praise
they are very attentive to my ministrations
always gladly met

tongue-tied blue



Suddenly, my legs were pushed above my head and he was rubbing his cock against my soaking wet pussy. It felt so good but I was determined not to let him win. Before I could fight back he was inside me and I couldn't move. My pants and his hands and the feeling of him inside me had me temporarily paralyzed. He managed to thrust a few times before I demanded that I wanted my pants off. I pulled them off quickly and threw them off the side of the bed. Before he had time to react my hands were against his chest, pushing him backwards. He barely budged.

Phaedra Fallen


11:30 AM

Something you should know about Red, when he's aroused he kinda growls, it's pretty much as vocal as he gets, and it send shivers down my spine straight to my cunt. I kneel in front of him as he frees his cock from his jeans. I wrap my red stained lips around just the head, I feel him shudder, and he urges me on, vocally and with unmissable movement of his hips, pushing his cock deeper.

Scarlet the Harlot


Fucking little bitch

Your instinct is to thrash about, and I want to shove my panties into your mouth and have you be anonymous and I want to cover your whole face, except for your pretty eyes, which would blink at me, wide and soft and scared.

Domme Chronicles


Those Kissing Dreams

But in my dream we seemed to be glued together forever and I remember never wanting it to end. It felt so real. I remember his tongue gently caressing mine, his soft lips and his warm breath filling my mouth. I remember feeling the bulge beneath his trousers.

Suzanne Portnoy


Sex Toys for Zombies: Hitachi Magic Wand

So I lay down and she started rubbing the vibrating ball gently around my genital area, never quite touching my clitoris. That, I have to say, worked like a charm. Before long she had switched to the High setting and I was having the most intense orgasm of my life.

After I had recovered some, I offered to reciprocate, but she demurred. "I left my clitoris with my boyfriend yesterday," she said. "We're planning to have some phone sex later today."

Sex Tips For Zombies


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