Fight For The Rights Of Erotic Art On eBay!

Well, it seems our friend Dan Lacey is stirring up some controversy—a conservative blogger has discovered the erotic Faithmouse cartoon on eBay, and wants eBay to take it down. Well, we're going to fight back.

We'd like to encourage all of our readers to show their support for Dan Lacey—and, by extension, for all artists who choose to use eBay to sell their work. Nudity has long been a part of fine art, there is nothing deviant or depraved about depicting the human body. And those who would take away our right to enjoy erotic arts need to be taught lesson.

Please, spread the word about this. Email eBay to express your support of erotic art, blog about the importance of artistic freedom, and let the wouldbe censors know that we will not stand for their petty, closeminded attitudes. Seriously, anyone who thinks that a picture of a fully clothed America Ferrara should be considered "child porn" should not be setting the standards for the rest of us.

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