Lingerie Bowl VI... Cancelled?

It can't be! The most hotly anticipated lingerie sports event of the year—the Lingerie Bowl, of course—has been cancelled. Pay no attention to the website's countdown: there will be no lingerie football extravaganza this year.

What could possibly have caused such a catastrophe? Well, this year you can place the blame squarely on the nudists. In what was supposed to be a sexy act of synergy, the Lingerie Bowl was scheduled to be held at Tampa's Caliente Spa & Resort, a luxurious clothing-optional getaway. And—in a totally unforeseen act of drama—there was some conflict between the lingerie-clad and the clothing-optional. Lingerie Bowl officials wanted to keep several areas of the resort (including the nightclub) clothing-mandatory, the powers that be at Caliente felt that that much clothing infringed upon their guests' rights (and enjoyment of nudity).

So this year, when you're stuck watching the Puppy Bowl, just remember: you can blame it all on boobs.

· Caliente Too Nude For Lingerie Bowl; Event Cancelled (

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