Sex Blog Roundup: Hot Rods

This week's bloggers wax poetic about the cocks and clits that rock their respective worlds. From size queens to voyeurs, this roundup'll have your engine revving. Madeline's in the driver's seat.

Let's be honest: Cocks and clits are pretty amazing. And once you find one that runs like a champ, it's like the hotrod in an auto enthusiast's garage: You either want to be inside it, under it, or talking about it with your friends. This week's picks feature sex bloggers getting enthusiastic about their favorite hot rods. All while keeping us so turned on, we had to take a break to adjust some things under our own chassis.

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Turn Me On (Five)

First of all, yes, I do like me a nice big cock. On the other hand, and this is the (sad?) truth — I really think cocks are just generally big (and occasionally intimidating). Don't take it personally, but an erect cock never seems to me like it could possibly fit inside any of my delicate little orifices. I'm pretty much always shocked at that first sight (which often seems to be a quick glimpse as it's passing by my lips — why is that?). Yes, realistically, I know that some are longer or thicker, but still, they all feel big when they are inside me — so filling, so satisfying. So yeah… I like big cocks.




The sight of a fully-erect penis standing proudly above my face, its owner desperately aroused by my presence and the possibility of what it might presage. What more could a woman ask for?

The magnificence of this feat of biological engineering that allows six or more inches of bone-free flesh to remain rigid purely through the amount of blood pumping into it, but which is dependent upon the continuing mental arousal of the mind attached to it.

-Having My Cake and Eating it, Too


Solitude in the Shower

I open my eyes and remember Im alone in the shower, I brace myself against the wall and close my eyes once again. I continue the thought of you there by my side, encouraging me the best way you know how. Soon, you position yourself in front of me, kneeling there looking up at me with those inviting eyes. Water splashes off my body and over your face...none of this bothers you as you take me into your mouth. Tongue extended out, lips quivvered in a circle...I feel the gentle glide down to my base.

-Confessions of an Adulterer


Sexual endurance

His cock is in my throat. I've slid underneath him so that he's straddling my face. I'm looking up at him, his sleek, flat stomach, his heavy eyes. He is panting. I focus on wrapping my throat around him like a hand or a pussy, feeling all the angles of my mouth massaging him. I experiment until I relax into a position I can hold for a long time. That's when I realize that one of my favorite things about any sexual encounter is the plateau. The zone.

-Beautiful, depraved


Rainy Night

When I get to the room the rain has abated. The shutters are shut but the chandelier above the bed shines its harsh yellow light, and I pull my dress off, crawl over the bed and sink down on his cock, because it's there and I can and I need it like this, fast and furious and selfish on all parts. Later the rain starts again, but this time the lights are out, and the dark is inky, warm and soft, and the room is silent apart from muffled water and breath in sudden expirations.

-The Naked Truth


I Like to Watch

Watching the two of them together, kissing one another, touching one another, penetrating one another, fucking one another, has to be one of the most intensely erotic experiences I've ever had. I've been with both of them, multiple times. So when I saw Chase place her open mouth onto Nikki's cunt, I knew how she was moving her tongue and applying that light suction she does, and I knew what Nikki was feeling. That made it far more erotic to me, I think, than it would've been had I just been watching two strangers go at it. But it was so much more than that.

-The Real Princess Diaries


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