Sex Blog Roundup: Time Stands Still

Wanna learn how to make time stand still? Read on for this week's selection of hot sex-blog reads with AlwaysArousedGirl after the jump.

It's a brand new year and we're in no hurry for time to slip away as fast as it did in 2008. Sex bloggers may have figured out the secret to making time stand still: it's sex. Even a simple kiss can stop clocks they say, and don't even ask what can happen when you throw ropes, paper-thin dresses and bisexual women into the mix. Better take notes!

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Let Daddy Make it Better....

Again, as before when we first kissed, time stood still.

When he hands touched my hips to pull my panties down, I shivered. When they were off, he pulled me to the bed and on top of him. As he grabbed my ass and lifted me, I bent my knees to straddle him.

We began to kiss again and then I laid my head against his chest, expecting him to fuck me, but he didn't. I squirmed and shifted around, trying to change the situation which amused Jack.

Ambient Storm


Ill-Conceived Expectations.

"Please..." I plead with him, eyes closed. He sticks the violating finger in my mouth, pulling my head back in his hand. He slaps my ass once...twice...thrice, and hard. He is not playing around, and he does not like to hear me beg when it does not suit him.

I cry out and slide down onto the floor as he pulls my torso back, his lips again at my ear, hissing.

"You do NOT open your eyes. And if you DARE come without asking me first, your ass will be so red there will be no explaining it. Do you understand?" He emphasizes his point with a hard slap on my ass, making me jump and squeak in surprise.

I swallow the command in upstretched throat and nod, adding a quick and compliant, "Yes, sir."

The Seduction of Infidelity



The girl was very oral and probably the first truly bisexual woman I've seen naked. I could tell she gave Him good head when I watched her suck Him off hungrily while her husband fucked her from behind. I'd shove my fingers into her mouth while she moaned into them and take turns sucking Him off.

When we swapped partners, both of us girls were on our backs and the husband was drilling me. I just stared at my guy fucking the wife and it was such an amazing view. If I could have been more dominant on the girl, I would have pushed her out of the way after her husband finished so I can get my man's cock again.



my imagined wedding night fuck

I have a fetish, you see. I have this strong and aching desire to be fucked in my wedding dress. So when Sylvanus said that he can imagine me getting ready for our wedding night sex, I replied that there would be no "getting ready". In my head, the second we closed that room door, he would pounce on me and take me and fuck me in my wedding dress. There are no preparations for that.

Naturally, our desires were heated and Sylvanus requested I straddle his face. There I was, hands pressed against the bedroom wall, pussy being licked by him as he asks me how I imagined being fucked in my wedding dress. I tell him I imagine being on my back at the edge of the bed, him standing, holding onto my legs and ramming into me.

His words muffled by my pussy, he tells me he likes the idea of me on top.

At Longing's End


True Confession

Rick took a drink of his third beer and said, "Let me see your tits." All thoughts of my husband left my mind, and I took another sip of wine and lifted my T-shirt. "Nice," he said, and he immediately leaned over to squeeze them with both hands. His mouth followed and he licked and sucked my tits until I finally pulled away.

"God," I sighed. "You're getting me so hot!"

"Duh!" he grinned. "Now show me your ass."

"Let's wait for Mike," I sighed, without any conviction whatsoever.

"Fuck Mike," he grinned again. "Show me." I stood up and moved in front of him. Slowly, I pulled down the zipper of my jeans and slid them teasingly to my thighs.

I turned my back to him and, glancing over my shoulder, I whispered, "You like?"

"Yeah baby. I like," he said, and reclined slightly on the couch. "Come here."


Gagging on His Cock

"You should stop reading and come over here."

I sashayed my way across his living room. Knowing that he appreciated the view. I was in a paper thin black dress that hit me at mid thigh. The neck was low and barely tied together with a string. The lacing of my bra clearly visible. He was only halfway through his cigarette. He spread his legs slightly and I stood between his knees. He took my ponytail in his hand and pulled my head back roughly as he leaned down to kiss me.

He slipped his hands into the neckline of my dress, pushing it off my shoulders. Reaching behind to unclasp my bra so that I was naked from the waist up. He fondled my breasts. Pinching my nipples until they were hard. Taking them in his mouth and sucking. Kissing me savagely once more.

Arousal of the Minx


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