A "Champion" In The Ring, In The Bed, And On Screen

We've been eagerly awaiting "Champion" since we first saw the trailer; when it arrived in our mailbox earlier this week, it took serious restraint to refrain from ripping open the package and masturbating immediately.

What were we so excited about? Well, for one thing, this lesbian martial arts porn epic comes from the fine minds behind such dyke porn classics as "In Search of the Wild Kingdom" and the Crash Pad Series; for another, it's a lesbian porn. About martial arts. How could we not love it?

Of course, a life spent in the porn mines is a life that's accustomed to disappointment—too often, ideas that sound amazing on paper fall flat when transferred to film—so we didn't get our hopes up too high. But we needn't have prepare ourselves for such disappointment: "Champion" delivers, and it delivers in style.

The film follows the story of fighting champion Jessie (played by newly discovered Crush Object Syd Blakovich), a dyke Casanova who's conquered as many women out of the ring as she has in. But despite her history of success, things start to get rocky for Jessie. Will her hard dyke image ruin her career? Or will her Christian manager's attempts to feminize her do it first? Will she defend her title against young upstart Violet (Dallas)? Or will a corrupt bookie convince her to take a dive in the ring? Will Jessie manage to fuck all her costars—or just some of them?

It would be incredibly easy for the film to devolve into a campy mess, but it manages to stay amazing throughout. The characters are believable, as is the fighting (perhaps due to the fact that Syd is a for real MMA fighter), and (most importantly) the sex. Syd's chemistry with her costars is phenomenal—if she's actually faking her way through the sex, she deserves an Oscar for her performance.

But why take our word for it when you can see for yourself? Below, a sneak peek at Syd's scene with Madison Young.

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· Thumbnail via Violet Blue (tinynibbles.com)

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