Wherever You Go, Xgoes (And Its Camgirls) Goes

As the iPhone has grown and matured, so, too, has iPhone porn. And so it is that we've just discovered the world's first iPhone live cam site--one that's so cutting edge, it won't even work on your real computer. Yes, kids: in order to access the sweet, sweet cam action of Xgoes.mobi, you must already have your very own iPhone. But is it worth the several hundred dollar investment? (Or, for the iPhone owners out there, the website's membership fees?)

Live cam sites are a tried and true porn format, so we're almost surprised that it's taken so long for someone to adapt them for the iPhone. True, the iPhone hasn't always been the most video friendly piece of hardware (most flash-based video sites still don't work on it)--but with so many camgirls chomping at the bit to get into the iPhone porn market, you'd think that someone would have figured out a way to port them into your iPhone before now. But we digress: back to Xgoes.

The site offers five different sections: Live Girls (the largest section by far, with over 200 girls online when we logged in), Live Couples, Live Gay, Live Dates (seemingly one-on-one cam/chat set ups), and Video. Click through to a section, and you're offered a list of the camgirls (or camboys) currently online, along with a preview pic and information on the languages that they speak. Once you've made your selection, it's on to the actual meat of the site: the cam page.

In spite of all the bells and whistles of being an iPhone-only site, the actual cam pages of Xgoes.mobi are, well, just ordinary, basic cam pages. The livestream is a small, silent box depicting a small girl disrobing; below the cam is a chat box that allows you to communicate with your tiny new friend. There's a certain thrill in knowing that you have the ability to access this site at anytime, and anywhere, but ultimately, the amount of satisfaction you get from it comes down to one question: how erotic do you find the idea of a silent, postage stamp-sized girl disrobing on your iPhone?

· Xgoes.mobi (xgoes.mobi) · Thumbnail from The Best Camgirls (thebest-camgirls.com, via Ask Jolene)

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