"The Mammary Game" Gives Us The Breast Of Both Worlds

Up until now, we'd more or less ignored any and all news about and promotional materials for Paul Rudd/Seann William Scott vehicle "Role Models"--because really, we'd pay attention why? However, that changes today, since they've just put out something that's made us sit up and take notice: "The Mammary Game," an online game that combines two of our most favorite things of all, memory games and (of course) boobs. The game comes in two flavors: the regular, work safe(ish) version, where the boobs are covered by bras and bikini tops, and the actually good, restricted version, which offers up some full-on nipplage. And the best thing of all? You can easily skip all the promotional video clips and just cut right to the boob-filled chase.

· The Mammary Game (rolemodelsmovie.com, via nerve.com. Sound warning!)

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