Sex Blog Roundup: The Golden Rule

You know the old sayings: Do unto others, yaddayaddayadda; Give and you shall receive, blahblahblah; A cock in your hand is worth two in her bush...

Okay, that last one might have been paraphrased a little bit, but you get the point: Fuck others as you'd like others to fuck you. It's a lesson we all should heed, and this week's selections of the best sex writing on the web serve up the naked generosity nice and hot. Whether it's intimate handjobs for two or pleasing a roomful of naked orgy goers, it fills our hearts to see so much giving in the world.

Join etiquette maven Madeline after the jump; she'll show you hers if you show her yours.

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Girl on Top

Unhooking the bar, I reattached the cuffs to the head of our ironwork bed, leaving the rest of him free to twist and turn as he lay there at my mercy. I undressed quickly, then lay down next to him, but just out of reach, and started to play with him, slowly caressing his cock with my fingers. Soon he was breathing hard and desperate, so I drew closer, letting him push his hips forward to press the head of his cock up against my lips. With every thrust, I pulled away, enjoying the sound of his struggles as he fought to sink into me.

- Uncommon Curiosity


good old fashioned 69

When he walked into my bedroom, I don't think I even said anything to him... I acted on pure lust-driven instinct and ignored notes from our dirty conversations. I just grabbed him and kissed him. I wanted him so bad to fuck away the subpar cock I've had to resort to fucking while he was gone. I traded his lips and his tongue for his cock and schizophrenically traded it back for his lips and then back to his cock again before he gestured to throw me on the bed where I spread myself for him and felt his cock penetrate deep inside me. What a relief.

- Turnyourselfin


foreign band, part 1

During one song, George had a guitar solo and he came around to the center of the stage, right across from me. He waved a beckoning finger at me and I smiled. Then he mouthed, "You are so fucking hot."

Somehow I managed not to have my jaw fall open in shock, and instead blew him a kiss.

- The Truth About Cocks and Dolls



He knows when I wear the panties to bed, it is just to get the attention of His cock. I don't do it often, because then the effectiveness of it will be diminished.

- Submissive Reflections


Sex Report: Surprise! Have a Hand Job!

I'd woken up a bit thanks to the water (hot, I don't much care for cold showers thanks very much) when the curtain suddenly opened. There was my wife, gloriously naked and stepping inside. She'd still been in bed when I'd gotten up.

"Hi there," I said, trying to play it cool. Of course I was thinking sex, but I didn't want to get my hopes up too much. It was much more likely she just wanted to get showered quickly. My dick betrayed me, though, starting to get hard just because of her presence. What can I say? It loves wet naked chicks with big boobs as much as I do.

- Sex. Life. Blog.


Sex and Death

And so now there is a boy standing above us. And as I am sucking on her for the first time, at the end of our long night – I push her toward him.

Apprehensively, the boy's pants fall from his hips. His cock jumps out. And slowly he moves closer to her mouth.

This is what we were heading toward all night.

Once her lips wrap around his cock, I feel the chain complete. I am this much closer to humanity. Over my shoulder is a couple, peeking-in. Touching each other. Several more bodies close-in on us. They touch, closer. They breathe, deeper.

- The Provocateur


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