The Secret Life Of Jess Origliasso

The Secret Life Of Jess OrigliassoYou'd think that Aussie pop starlet Jess Origliasso would have learned a lesson from her fellow teen sensation Vanessa Hudgens ... but she didn't. When will these young stars realize that those fun naked webcam snaps will always surface? Not that we're complaining, of course — we never say no to pictures of boobies, no matter how semi-famous they are. Check out Jess's nipples after the jump. (Or maybe they belong to her sister Lisa— they are identical twins, after all.)

The Secret Life Of Jess Origliasso

ยท Photo Source: BIG Australia/

Update 7/31 The saga (of course) continues: read more here.

Update 8/1 For all updates on the Jess Origliasso story, go here.

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