Sex Blog Roundup: States Of Independence

Sex Blog Roundup: States Of IndependenceWhile flags were unfurling over all those amber waves of grain this weekend, some of our favorite writers in the sex blog scene were marching to the beat of their own drum. Why settle for a mere blowjob when a pro reveals the secrets of throat fucking? If you're heading out to pick up some new lady friends, why not take the wife along? If you're feeling blue, why not meet a friend for public sex in the car? Or perhaps you'd care to celebrate your freedom by doing exactly as you're told? After all, there's more than one way to let freedom ring.

Drop a few extra cherry bombs with Jefferson after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup

by Jefferson

- - -

Out of the Blue

It felt a little as if we were going camping or some such activity.

Lover number three paced around the table wordlessly, checking equipment; testing the four lengths of rope twisted around the table legs, inspecting my box of toys, setting up the music. He is naked, his cock semi erect; I can still taste myself on my tongue from cleaning him. He had fucked me immediately he was through the door, to take the edge off, but the tension between us sings once more.

- Bittersweet Me

- - -

Throat Fucking

Throat fucking is full insertion face fucking, such that the head of the cock makes it into the throat itself, and the throat ends up providing much of the stimulation necessary to bring the guy off. This is face fucking on steroids, and requires that the person whose throat is being penetrated be able to deep throat (at least if you want to be able to do it without gagging or hurling). Basically, your face is fucked like your pussy (or ass) would be – pounded away pretty much unmercifully.

- The Real Princess Diaries

- - -

The Straight Girl

It was only later, as we sat side by side on a couch by the dance floor, that I found out Red was straight. I hadn't known there were any straight girls left. She lived in Brooklyn, not far away from the party. "So, the after-party is at your place then?"

"That's awfully presumptuous of you!" She laughed in a way that told me she was now playing the part of the coy ingenue.

"Is it?" I grabbed a handful of her ample ass. "Because I could have sworn you'd planned this."

- Naked Loft Party

- - -

Psssst, Want to Fuck My Mouth??

We met about ten minutes later on a well lit street, under no trees or any kind of cover except the window tint. He asked why my day was bad but really it didn't matter. It wasn't bad really, just frustrating and what better way to deal with my frustrations than my having my mouth fucked until my lips are sore and swollen. I pulled his shorts down and immediately took him into my mouth. Having a better, well lit, look- his fat cock is really quite lovely and when there is more time I think I will take much delight in having him stuff my pussy with it.

- Bad, Bad Girl

- - -


"Lift your shirt," my owner commanded through the receiver. "Show me your belly." This is his favorite trick for times when we are meeting and he spots me before i spot him. Countless times, I have stood on street corners, exposing the white skin of my stomach, phrenetically looking every which way in search of my teasing owner and trying to ignore the reactions of passers-by.

And that's what I did now. I was the passerby, randomly exposing my tummy as i walked and grinned and talked on the phone. I smiled as if there was nothing odd at all about what I was doing, and i kept my concentration focused on my owner and our conversation. "Higher," he told me, "Higher! Lift that shirt higher, young lady!"

- Persephone's Obedience

- - -

Erotic Poetry Sunday

She lay over him and looked into his eyes, his mouth, at his teeth, his tonge and touched him. Not gently, like you'd touch a small injured animal, but like you'd rip into food if you were starving and stumbled upon it. Her hands moved, her skin was bare and pale in the light of the room.

She straddled him and kissed flesh. Her mouth left trails of redness, marking her way.

- Goose and Gander

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