Sex Blog Roundup: Big Bangs

While we still have a few more days left before the traditional American celebration of all things patriotic, the bloggers in today's roundup of some of the best sexy writing on the web aren't waiting to set off their fireworks. After all, who needs sparklers when you can have hot strap-on sex? Why bother with cherry bombs when you can get off silently in the restroom? Or Roman candles when you can have ... uh, roamin' fingers in full view of a passing train? It's all the explosiveness with none of the singed fingers!

Cover your ears (but keep your eyes open) with AlwaysArousedGirl after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup by AlwaysArousedGirl

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A Big Move, and a Big Fuck

I told her to sit on the edge of the couch with her cock sticking straight up in the air. Keeping my feet on the floor, I then lowered my asshole around her bright blue dick. Neither of us undersand the physics, but this apparently resulted in unmitigated clitoral pleasure for Estrella. So, I picked up the pace, sliding up and down as far as the length of the cock would let me. I think it pleased Estrella greatly when I bent way over so she could watch her cock disappear in my ass.

- Explicit Details

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Fiction: Taxicab Confessional Continued

I pressed my pussy against his hand as hard as I could for the only care in my mind was the imminent orgasm approaching. As suddenly as he started, he stopped. He pulled his hand away. I begged him - please no, don't stop, I need it. He reached around my back with both hands and quickly flicked my bra open; he yanked it in the middle of the cups up front to pull it off my body. As he took one nipple in his mouth he slowly leaned back, taking me with him. In this position my cunt was wide open and bared for all to see who walked by; and there were certainly people.

- This Could Be Dangerous....

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His jeans came off before he got half way through the kitchen. Shirt, underwear... he reached the table in just his socks, his cock already at full mast and at a perfect height for me to suck into my mouth. I played with the head, making him suck in his breath a few times, head back, groaning. I kissed his stomach, hips, and back to his cock... ahhhh lovely!!!

I led the way to the living room floor and sank to my knees in front of him, pulling his cock into my mouth for a moment, then tugging him down with me.

- My Husband's Slut

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All In a Day's Work

I raced to the restroom as discretely as possible, closed and locked the door, leaned against the wall, one leg thrown up onto the toilet, my skirt bunched up around my hips, and moaned softly as I slipped a finger inside myself.

My mind returned to my little dark haired stranger had just slipped a finger inside me as his kiss became more needy and urgent. I could feel his bulging cock against my thigh, and couldn't resist the urge to reach down and stroke it through his pants. At the same time, back in the bathroom stall, I whipped a tit out of my bra, watched my nipple grow hard as my tit bounced up and down with the motion of my arm.

- Memoirs of a MILF

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Dirty Pantoum

Distracted by every pale place and curve, flushing pink, swelling against me, becoming the softest sort of hard, breathing red desire into each other. As her hands do their work, each part of me begs for touch. Distracted by every pale place and curve, flushing pink, swelling against me. My hands study her, careful and clumsy and knowing and known. As her hands do their work each part of me begs for touch, touch bringing quick breaths, sweating anticipation.

- We Sleep Together

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On fields and fleeting glimpses

I grabbed her, pulled her towards me then flipped her around, pulling down her jeans as I fucked her from behind, her body leaning up against a tree, pressing her body back against mine to meet my thrusts... I remember cheekily filming the whole thing on my phone, struggling slightly to get my phone out of my pocket while keeping up the rhythm of my thrusts, but then enjoying the view of my cock sliding in and out of her firm grip being replayed and captured on the small screen.

- Facts and Friction

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